Thursday, September 08, 2005

Just found this...

Subject: Help for AA Katrina victims
Hello from Baton Rouge AA Central Office.

We are desperately seeking donations to purchase AA big books and12x12's to bring to the shelters here, not only in Baton Rouge, which are filled to capacity, but to the other areas we service that have set up shelters. If you would like to make a monetary contribution,the soft cover Big Books are $6 with tax and the soft cover 12x12's are $6.50 with tax. I will put you a return receipt in the mail.Thanks to the generosity of the AA community all over the United States. We have had calls from California, Massachusetts, NorthCarolina, Florida, Maryland and areas in our precious state that have power, to offer their homes to fellow AA members, to offer literature, AA meetings, clothes, their time, you name it!

Thanks Bill and Dr.Bob and all our friends for the hand of AA that know no boundaries! You may reach us at 225-924-0030 during the weekend. We have real AA people answering the phones, but if you can't reach us, our phones aretied up with many important calls, so keep trying or should I say trudging!Our address is:Baton Rouge AA Central Office, 8312 Florida Blvd. Suite 213-A, BatonRouge, La. 70806
Again, words cannot express our thanks to each and every one of you!


Rebel In Westchester said...

Hi Mary,
Yikes! I did it. You wanna hear something bizzare? I actually got more out of that than any other time I have shared my story. I cannot think of another time that I have felt the presence of God with me like I have this evening. I am like, on cloud 9 right now. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Sorry to hear you had a rough day. I won't shoot slogans at you. It irks me sometimes when people do that to me. When I am feeling down, or just out of sorts, I would rather have an encouraging word than a slogan anyday.
Where is your daughter moving? Is she going off to school? Was that a sarcastic "woo hoo!" when you told me you are helping her pack tonight? LOL.

Now it is my turn to look forward to reading your story. :-)

By the way, my e-mail addy is
Easier to write to then swapping blog comments, if you like.

Catch ya later,

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