Monday, October 31, 2005


This post may be somewhat disjointed. I will be up and down answering the door and doling out candy - the little children of the neighborhood keep tap, tap, tapping at my door. It is fun to go see their little costumes and know how very scary they find their little witch and darth vader costumes, etc.

Normally on Monday night a sponsee comes over and we read the big book together (of course, we are following directions as we go). She is an artist and is currently at an art show, so she won't be here tonight. I miss having her here. I really look forward to Monday nights when she comes over. She is sober almost 10 years and just a remarkable woman and a good AA member. I am humbled by sponsoring her.

When I told my sponsor that I was humbled by sponsoring this woman, she told me that she understands. That is how she feels about me. Aw, Gee. That is so nice. I talked with her for a long time late this afternoon. My sponsor, that is. She is also a wonderful woman. She has been sober for 34 years and is so real and so wise. She has been my sponsor for 11 years. I am so grateful to have a sponsor for that long. Prior to finding her, I had many sponsors. I think it is important to have a sponsor, otherwise, I am out there "rowing my own boat," which is never a good idea.

Just writing that reminds me of a guy I knew when I lived in Washington. He used to say (and probably still does) that "if you don't have a sponsor and you don't have a home group, you might be in something, but it probably isn't AA." I just loved that guy! I think he was right.

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