Friday, November 04, 2005

My Big Book

Isn't that beautiful?
That is the big book given to me on July 24, 1984, after my first meeting. It has been well-used, well-worn, and well-loved. It has made me quite a bit weller than I was in 1984. And I thank God and the fellowhip of Alcoholics Anonymous that I have not had a drink since that July day in 1984.

My dear old friend who took me through the big book for the first time has been in touch. I gave him the address of this blog, I hope he visits. I really hope he leaves a comment...

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Anonymous said...

Yes I really like this blog it may be an unusual way for others to come join us on the trudge to happy destiny. All the answers are in the Big Book. Just they way I started learning 11/17/77 you read the black on the white and when it says do something you jus do it. Some of the friendships you establish in this program last forever no matter how many miles apart we are from each other. FAEA