Sunday, November 20, 2005


I asked this before. Comments PLEASE! And a couple of you obliged. And I was encouraged to keep going. It was nice.

I see that people visit and that makes me happy. I keep posting for them. However, I would sure like to hear from someone.

So, today: I am about to plant myself on my sofa and watch football games on TV. I went to a meeting this morning. It was wonderful. It was a meeting of my old homegroup, so I got to see some folks who just make my heart happy.

I wasn't always so sappy. I used to have problems all the time. I used to be mad at people almost all the time. I am very grateful that my life is not like that today. Not that it is perfect, it is far from that, but I am not in a state of agitation and anger most of the time.

Comments? (please?)

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Anonymous said...

Alcoholics are, by nature, not very compliant people. Most likely your readers are alcoholics, so asking for comments from them will probably not net you many comments. You might get better results if you clearly stated that you wanted no comments at all on your blog!