Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wednesday Morning

The sunrise is red/orange this morning. I hope that means what I have been taught it means... Red Sky in the Morning, Sailor take Warning. I would love to see some snow. There has been snow all around Denver, but not IN Denver.

I have back to back meetings all day today at work. I might have a long enough break at lunch time to get to the pool - swim laps, and then shower, dress, and re-do my hair. Maybe not.

Maybe I will quickly run to Target to get my granddaughters the Cabbage Patch Kids I am dying to buy for Christmas. Why am I DYING to buy a couple of ugly ass dolls? Because my daughters wanted them so bad when they were little, and I couldn't afford to buy them then. It brings me great joy to purchase things for my little grandbabies.

Incredibly grateful that I have two granddaughters who have never seen their grandmother drunk. They have never had to gingerly walk up and try to smell the breath for that gasoline odor that predicts big trouble ahead. Oh Thank GOD!


dAAve said...

Yeah,, but how many sailor's are there in Denver?

lash505 said...

Nice post it is wonderful that you are still here for your grandchildren

Mary Christine said...

Oh I don't know how many sailors there are in Denver... I know a few. I also hear a lot of sailor talk - a lot of it from my very own mouth!

Someone else suggested to me recently that the adage only works at sea and Denver is a long long way from the sea.

We have no snow again today, so maybe I can ditch the red sky in the morning thing as being an old idea that doesn't work here?

hmmm. so many things to think about - after so long of a day.

Thanks for making me laugh - truly laugh out loud!

Mary Christine said...

Lash - I concur - it is nice to be here for my grandchildren. And me. What a flaming miracle.

Anonymous said...

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