Sunday, January 21, 2007

More #@*& Snow

I know this isn't a pretty picture, but really, that is the whole point. I snapped this with my cell phone yesterday just after finishing my 10K run at a nearby lake (the frozen white expanse in the picture.) It was a lovely run, but I am sick of this white, white, white everywhere. It has been a month now since we have seen the ground.

I was going to go to the 7:30 meeting this morning across town, but when I got up at 6, there were several inches of new snow on the ground, and more snow falling at a rapid clip out of the sky. So my plans are changed. Last night I went to a friend's house, and when I left, he walked me to my car and said "there is snow in the air." I said "it better STAY in the air and not fall on the ground." But it is falling. As if I am going to threaten the snow not to fall! ha!

The helicopter that crashed in Iraq was not the type that my son flies. My instant reaction when I heard that was relief, followed by profound sadness for the people who were getting bad news yesterday. I can pray, and that is about it.

I was invited to a party to watch a play-off game this afternoon, and I don't want to go. I hate to be like this, but I just don't want to go. I think I am not going to go. I feel like I just need to sit and be quiet today.

"In praying, our immediate temptation will be to ask for specific solutions to specific problems, and for the ability to help other people as we have already thought they should be helped. In that case, we are asking God to do it our way. Therefore, we ought to consider each request carefully to see what its real merit is. Even so, when making specific requests, it will be well to add to each one of them this qualification: ' ... if it be Thy will.'" -- As Bill Sees It, p. 329


Anonymous said...

quiet is good have choices today, nurture yourself.

Anonymous said...

Gonna pray with you for your son's safety and coming home soon.

Just being a friend.

Mary Christine said...

It is still snowing. I risked my life to drive to the gym and run 5 miles. Silly, silly girl. Glad I made the call about staying home from the playoff party though.

Al-Anon Lifer said...

To think I used to miss winter, cold, and snow!! I can honestly say, though, I didn't pray for this so no one can tell me to be careful what you pray for!! Stay warm and quiet!!

Sober @ Sundown said...

Every once in a while I miss the silence of the snow, and the sound of crunching as you walk in fresh snow. Nice memories....... glad they are just old memories.

Can you believe the Colts today?

Anonymous said...

Why are you getting so much snow? Not fair.

I actually miss the “white everywhere” and look forward to it every October.
But as I say - this year… we have had the 40 & 50 degree temps until final this week.

I love the winter.
Will I have to move to Colorado to continue enjoying it?

I am very happy to read about your son. :)

And I am doing ok.
So is the family.

God bless you.

Shannon said...

I get like that too... where nothing sounds good but some good peace and quiet. I hope you got what you needed

I am glad that you made it to the gym and back silly, silly girl!

hugs and prayers to you and your family

Mary Christine said...


Christine said...

praying for peace and if that brings your boy home---so much the better!