Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday A.M.

Challenges for today:
1. I am tired.
2. My computer appears to be tired, it has slowed to a virtual halt.
3. My daughter is very sick with a spider bite that has abscessed.
4. My phone is dead - I really don't like my razor, it doesn't seem to be able to hold a charge.
5. My daughter and granddaughters are coming over
6. See number 1.
7. I need to get out and run in order to remain competitive with a cheater. - see several posts of the last week.

Yesterday I stayed at home and ordered 2 pay per view movies - and watched them wearing pajamas (!) which I never do. I watched "Little Miss Sunshine" and "The Devil Wears Prada". They were both fun, I thought LMS was great, very funny, but so very sad.

I didn't get to church last night, so I went this morning instead of going to my Sunday Morning meeting. This always seems to throw me off. Oh well. I just seem to be out of sorts this morning. Maybe my run will help. Then I will pick up my daughter and granddaughters. I can turn my thoughts to others which is always a cure-all for whatever seems to be ailing me. I am making pizza for them. It will be nice to see them all and it will be nice to make pizza. It will be especially nice to EAT the pizza.

Thanks for listening to my incoherent mumblings this morning. I will be better later, I am sure.

"When I detach my mind from what is troubling me, my problems often solve themselves. Or it may be that leaving them to God gives Him a chance to take a hand in my affairs." -- One Day at a Time in Al-Anon, p. 150


Anonymous said...

The day after I watched LMS..I had Super Freak in my head all day.
Great flick for sure.

You take care..I hope find some energy soon..Thanks for sharing.

vetver said...

I watched Little Miss Sunshine last night also - very touching.

AAwoken said...

Correction. You don't have to be competitive with a cheater.

Little Miss Sunshine was awesome.

Pam said...

Sounds like my day....except I took a 5 hour nap instead of watching movies !!! Cheaters never win...that's what my parents used to tell me. But I have found that sometimes they DO. You just do your best......but we are all rooting for YOU. "RIGHT IS MIGHT"

Scott said...

movies and jammies, sounds like a plan.. MC you'd be proud o fme today. Ian and I went to the Y, got my two miles of brisk walking in, 200 situps on the nautilus thingee, 1 hr 15 mins in the pool swimming and palying with Ian and then a 10 pt basketball game against an insurance agent friend of mine who's over there trying to get in shape like me. She beat me 10-8. It was fun!

Gwen said...

I have heard so many good things about LMS. I am looking forward to watching it.

Hope your feeling a bit better today. Have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week~