Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday Morning

I went to the Sunrise Serenity Group this morning. I haven't been there for a while. I ran into a woman I used to sponsor - she has just moved back to town from Las Vegas. We are planning to get together for bike rides, etc. It was good to see her.

It is such a nice weekend. My favorite neighbors are home this weekend, so we have had many visits. I am in the middle of the HUGE project of cleaning my garage. I bought some peg boards last night and am looking forward to installing them today.

"I should try to practice the presence of God. I can feel that He is with me and near me, protecting and strengthening me always. In spite of every difficulty, every trial, every failure, the presence of God suffices. Just to believe that He is near me brings strength and peace. I should try to live as though God were beside me. I cannot see Him because I was not made with the ability to see Him else there were no room for faith. But I can feel His spirit with me." Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Meditation for the day, May 28.


BigSkymAAck said...

The quote is eal good what I have realized today. Happy for you to have someone to ride with

Sober Chick said...

That is a wonderful way to start off the day. Even more wonderful is running into someone you use to sponsor. Co-incidence, no way.

Good luck with the garage endeavors, have fun.

Anonymous said...

Happy garage cleaning..
decluttering is good for the soul:)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, you're right I ought to get a blog....coming soon.....Sounds like your elderly genntleman friend is having some sort of a spiritual warfare going on....I wish him the best...Chuck C use to say "what you are looking for you are looking with" Sort of like saying that God is within....Anyway, I've been to meetings and a BBQ and hung out with my Mom and her brother part of the afternoon....we were thinking about going to see "the Da Vinci code" but decided not too. Stay Well

dAAve said...

got pegged?

Gwen said...

I LOVE peg board. We have it in our garage and on the unfinished side of the basement. It is the best. I never thought I would ever be writing to someone about peg board. ;) It is those little things that make me happy today.

By the way the flag looks fantastico. I think I must go take a pic of mine and post it too.

Thanks for being sober,