Saturday, May 13, 2006

Too Excited

to sleep. I woke up at about 3:30 a.m. thinking about getting a new bicycle. I am really excited about the prospect. I will show up at the bike shop when it opens at 10:00. In the meantime, I will go swimming as the pool opens at 6:00. Then I can take a nap this afternoon, after a good bike ride - I hope.

I have less than three months to train for the triathlon. I am not ready. I am not even on target with my training. But I can get ready. I have to remember that the big lesson learned from my first triathlon was not to take it so seriously. I had trained too hard. My second triathlon was more fun. I am so excited about this one because both my daughters are registered to do it with me.

What has this got to do with recovery from alcoholism? Everything. I get to do things I could only dream of when I was drinking. I was always "gonna" do great things when I was drinking, but somehow, the drinking was all I ever got done.


dAAve said...

Go get 'em, Tiger!

*** interesting series of games between the Rockies and Astros last week and this weekend

Fat Pants said...

Good luck with your training and it's just one step after another to the finish line.

Mary Christine said...

Daave - I beg to differ with you. It is not all about you, it is all about ME! OK?

I wish I liked baseball, I used to be a White Sox fan of all things when I lived in Chicago. But I learned to love football and I just don't like baseball anymore. sad. maybe i should try.

BigSkymAAck said...

I hope you were able to get the bike you wanted. It is about living this program doing the things we never could when we were drinking.

Trudging said...

Good luck with your training.


Happy Mother's Day!
I see you,

Scott said...

wow, you go girl! I wouldn't run if chased!

happy Mothers Day!!

peace to you