Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tending to my knitting

tend to one's knitting,
a. to mind one's own business: Don't worry about my work - just tend to your knitting.
b. to devote oneself to one's assignments or responsibilities:  Years of sticking to his knitting finally paid off.  

I am fortunate that I like to knit.  Last night on my way from work to a new meeting, I stopped at the yarn shop and bought a new project to knit.  I have been working for months on a very intricate lacy baby blanket for a neighbor's baby.  One of my favorite docs at work is pregnant with her first baby, and it is a girl and I thought that working on big needles and big pink yarn and knocking out a blanket in a weekend would be a good thing.  The fact that the yarn costs approximately $100. is another issue entirely.  Good yarn is not cheap.  

At the meeting, I sat and knit and kept my mouth shut.  Not a good thing for this alcoholic.  

I have my granddaughters with me this weekend and that is good.  I made a big breakfast of bacon and eggs and fried potatoes.  We will go shopping probably and then get dressed up and go to church.  It will be nice.  Imagine me, a nice nana who takes her granddaughters to church.  
By the Grace of God, no matter how I feel, I can behave like the person I want to be.


Not God said...

My first sponsor used to knit in meetings. People would mock him. He would smile and knit them a sweater.

dAAve said...

I know your day will be knice since you're knitting.

Scott W said...

I am sure you are knitting love into that little blanket. That yarn sounds expensive!

AlkySeltzer said...

How I wish, Oh I WISH that I could keep MY mouth shut at 'first meeting in a new group'.

In MY new group 'NEW DAWN', about four months ago, I spouted off right out of the starting gate. And it took them two weeks to warm up. I almost quit it, figured I'm too old for this sh** but SO glad I stuck it out, been a source of much necessary learning for me. Love ya! Steve E.

Pam said...

love your legs in this pic.
lucky lucky knit recipients.
why didn't you make my biscuits?
little honeybunn

Laura said...

Your dream and mine are the same. I long for the day my granddaughter comes to stay and I can also sit side by side with her in church. May it be!

Love your blog.

Lou said...

thanks for setting me straight on the Romans quote. I need to quit using the 5 minute Bible!

Zane-nawwaa said...

MMMMMMM. Eggs, Bacon, fried taters,
Would you be my grammy? You and Trailboss and the grandkids. They are so lucky. Enjoy your day and you are giving something they will remember their whole lives.

Trailboss said...

Awwwwwwwwwww grandbabies........nothing like em.

Next weekend I get to meet my 2 newest! They are visiting from Ohio and staying here for 2 nights!

Anonymous said...

I like knitting too! My grandma taught me.

Syd said...

Nice legs and nice knitting. Glad that you are enjoying the grandkids.