Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back Home

As you can see, we did run into snow. A lot of it. This picture was taken from inside the rest area at the top of the Vail Pass. It was so beautiful. I love sunny days after a big snow. The roads were not bad today. Friday was a bit dicey at times, but we made it through.

It was wonderful to see my sponsor and her husband. We went to a couple of meetings, sat and talked a lot, and ate WAY too much. The time just flew... even the time in the car. Sharing with another alcoholic just puts you into another time dimension where the time just goes without notice.

I am so full of gratitude right now, words really couldn't begin to tell you how grateful I am to be sober and to have some sober years behind me and priceless long term sober relationships developed over the years. If you are new to AA, please keep coming back, it is SO worth it. I will endeavor to get to all your blogs today. XXXXOOOO MC

"AA has taught me that I will have peace of mind in exact proportion to the peace of mind I bring into the lives of other people, and it has taught me the true meaning of the admonition "happy are ye who know these things and do them." For the only problems I have now are those I create when I break out in a rash of self-will." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 551 (both 3rd and 4th editions)


dAAve said...

That picture looks like a painting, not a photo.
But I realize it's part of the God scenery brought to us by MC.

lash505 said...

Wow is thats not in denver I hope.. I felt like making a snow

Carly said...

Love the photo, your post and the quote from the BB. You always tie things together so nicely! I'm grateful for you.

Sober Chick said...

Your soul is brilliant right now. You sound great! It makes me smile to read your post today.

Karen B said...

Love the beautiful picture! Boy you sound awesome and at peace! I feel the same way after speaking at the Women's meeting at 616. It made me feel good to read your post. It makes me feel good to read your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That picture is amazing.
Just like you MC:)
Good to read you had a great weekend and a safe drive.
Thanks for sharing.

Scott said...

great BB reading today, thank you.. I dont know that I have heard that or read it before.. but I love it! kinda gets right to the point!

I love Colorado so much, what a beautiful photo, MC, thanks for sharing it, and your wonderful message of gratitude!! If that doesn't inspire someone to keep at it, nothing will!!