Saturday, October 28, 2006


I went to two AA meetings yesterday. The first was a noon meeting, the second was a 6:00 meeting at my church. I have been there once before, but this time the meeting was incredible! They recently moved to a larger room, but still the room was so full there were people out in the hallway! It was a great meeting and I plan on going back next Friday. I am so happy about all these meetings, I feel like an excited newcomer again. It is a wonderful thing.

Last night while I was sharing at the meeting, I mentioned my sobriety date (7/24/84). After the meeting a man came over and shook my hand and said he also got sober on July 24, but in 1993. But then he said something that blew me away. He said "what a great sobriety date, 24/7" I tell you, I never once thought about that! So now I will.

This morning I am going to the 6:30 meeting and then will go to a park to run. I used to run at this park many years ago. It is pretty and it is relatively flat, so I think it would be good go there and get some outdoor running done without all the hills that are in my neighborhood.

I am so grateful for Alcoholics Anonymous. I feel that I have been wrapped in the arms of this fellowship and that I am being carried through a difficult time, by the love of my fellows and the grace of a loving God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

"We now know that we do not have to run away, nor ought we again try to overcome adversity by still another bulldozing power drive that can only push up obstacles before us faster than they can be taken down." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 20


BigSkymAAck said...

The 24/7 is really cool. I messed up and hit the wrong thing when you posted to my blog the other day. The goo was to represent frozed reindeer snot. A part of the book that just gets to how bad things were. It was really just a strange colored hair jel. I found that I can really do something sick and disgusting for halloween though. Maybe I can be a mad scientist.

Mary Christine said...
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Designer Girl said...

It's wonderful you're going to some new meetings and finding that "newcomer joy" again! Funny how that works, isn't it? Cool, too about the 24/7 (as SC already mentioned).

How do you run when it's so cold outside? I'm going to try to start back running tomorrow A.M. I'll let you know how that goes! LOL It's been at least 5 months since I've tried to run, or since I've done any exercise at all, and it's starting to really show.

Sober Chick said...

To hear you say how you feel and what you get from being in the rooms of AA is so inspiring. It is the antidote for the poison that occupies our mind and which can block us from living with inner peace. Thank God for the fellowship everywhere of Alcoholics Anonymous. I hear you beautiful woman, I hear ya!

Deb said...

I love the quote from "As Bill Sees It". Thanks. I've had the urge to run or bulldoze a lot these days. But I think I'd better work the program instead!

lash505 said...

You are the queen on service, right. I will be in your area soon..

nomad_under_the_table said...

Thank you. I couldn't get much out of that site but I was able to google some more so thanks for the idea.


That is a great sobriety date and you are great!

dAAve said...

I'm jealous.

Gwen said...

COOOL! 24/7 That is a good date indeed. Glad you found another great meeting.

I too am grateful for AA. Can not describe that to another and have them understand. That is why I love to hear and relate to fellow grateful recovering peeps.

Thanks for being here MC.


Christine said...

yep, carried is what we do for others until we can carry others once again--- lucky you to get to go to 2 meetings in a day--