Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Morning

I am sure I looked charming walking around my front and back yards this morning taking pictures, wearing my pajamas. There are lots of flowers just dying to have their pictures taken, so I felt it was my duty to take them. I only have to work a half a day today. I am going to a doctor's appointment this afternoon.

I am leaving on Sunday for a quick trip to North Carolina for a conference. Three hurricanes are on their way to NC along with me. I have never experienced a hurricane, and I hope I can still make that claim this time next week.

Today is Daave's 5th AA birthday.  Go over and wish him a Happy Birthday!  I am so thrilled to report that I have read his gratitude lists every single day for nearly 3 years now.  (My bloggerversary is later this month, I need to figure out exactly when.)  I sure am grateful that I have gotten to know folks like Daave through their blogs and also to have met a few of them.  Last April I was blessed to find myself in Houston and Daave was kind enough to drive me around for a few days.  What a great experience that was!  Happy Birthday my friend!


Scott W said...

God speed and stay safe during your trip.

Pam said...

Were they cute PJ's? Because that may really make the difference in what your neighbors say about you.
Everyone needs at least one good hurrican story.

Lou said...

From what I remember about driving around Houston, Daave WAS a good friend.

Syd said...

Watch out for Ike. I hope that one decides to become a fish slapper and stay away from land.


Hi Mary Christine - I'm Prayer Girl (the newbie) and happy to be commenting.

Hopefully you will miss Hurricane #1 as it's skipping past our state (FL) along the coast today and IF it moves fast enough will hopefully be past North Carolina by Sunday (or so I hope).

Looks like Hurricane #2 may be visiting us in FL around Tuesday and #3 looks like it will be bypassing the U.S. completely.

Have a great trip no matter what!

Trailboss said...

Stay safe on the coast. I have been through a hurricane in 1983 when I lived in Houston and believe me, you don't want any part of it. And I was 65 miles inland from where it hit in Galveston.

lol Pammy. My daughter told me last night that a boy that rides her bus told her that he saw me walking around my yard naked. She takes after her momma and set his butt straight by saying "you don't EVEN kid about my mother!" Gotta love a 16 yr old that takes up for her momma. Of course it wasn't true but you know what, it is a free country and I could if I wanted to.....not saying I want to though....ok Lisa..........shutup!

dAAve said...

Thanks MC.
Try to stay in the eye of the hurricane. That's where you'll find a vision for you.

AlkySeltzer said...

So THAT'S (taking pictures) what you were doing walking all around your yard in your PJ's carrying a camera early this morning...we all had been wondering! And everyone of us were wishing that we had OUR cameras!

Lots of people in Colorado know about
hurricanes--that's why they're in Colorado! They (hurricanes) are a pain in the BUTT. You will not get to experience one in NC. That's GOOD!

And Mary, thank you for alerting us to dAAve's 5th AA Anniversary. I'd guess there are more than me, who do not yet know the Bloggers well enough to have those infos. Yer GOOD, girl!

Zanejabbers said...

Oh, I love your pictures of your flowers. Next time take a picture to show us what your jammies looke like, even if it's just from the knee down. Enjoy your business trip.