Monday, September 01, 2008

September Morn

I went to bed early enough last night that getting up at 4:30 works today.  Sleeping until 8:30 is not a good way for me to start a day.  I never felt well yesterday.  I not only slept until 8:30, but then I took a nap!  

Inspired by Pammie's Jazzercise, I made an appointment for an introductory session at a nearby yoga studio.  I go at 9:00 this morning.  I am pretty scared to do this.  I have pretty good cardio fitness - running is good for that - but flexibility? strength? not so much.  I hope I can do this.

Yesterday I spent most of the day making more salsa.  Now I have a quarter bushel of tomatoes left over.  My sponsor's favorite ever is tomato preserves, so I will make her some today.  That is, after church and yoga (eeek!) and before a 3:00 meeting I have never before visited.  Oh, and then back to church for my one hour of silent prayer.  

I am so grateful that today is a third day off work.  I am also grateful that I am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.  I am grateful that I live in the United States of America, where keeping abreast of politics is very entertaining.  And mostly?  I am grateful to be a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous, which makes everything in my life possible.  


AlkySeltzer said...

You said it all, Mary; a busy day, full of goodnesses, time for meditation and prayer, and you have a heart full of gratitude.

God is blessing you, girl!

God is blessing all us sober people.

dAAve said...

And I'm grateful for YOU.

Pam said...

Ah ha-I think yoga would be much easier-there is no jumping or weights to hold while you jump around and stuff. You are used to jumping up and down while you run-so some stretching stuff would complement that I would think. You go girl.

Lou said...

Ditto on the gratefulness for all the things you said.
I tried yoga, it was too sloooww.
(I know thats the point:)

Scott W said...

You would be surprised at how much sitting still can increase your heartbeat and make you sweat.

J-Online said...

Your salsa looks fabulous! I bought the book you recommended but haven't had a day to devote to canning yet.

Syd said...

You labored on Labor Day. And it was a good kind of laboring. I decided to minimize the labor and opt for mostly walking and some relaxing. It was a good weekend. I think that I need to try Pilates. My lower back might benefit.