Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Morning

A photo from the trail I was running on yesterday
You know, it is hard to say I am not running this morning.  Today is not supposed to be a running day, but I feel so good I want to get out and run.  So my inner voice says:  

"Mary, get your running gear and get out there.  It is 48º outside already and there won't be many mornings this perfect to run for a long while." 
"But Mary, you are feeling good, so it is tempting to run, but you are NOT injured, and you should endeavor to keep it that way.  You have had pain most of the time for almost 2 years, much of it caused from over-training.  You should be careful not to over-train!"
"But I have to train for my half-marathon in January!"
"You are not injured and it is important to keep it that way!"

The Mary who does not want to be injured won this morning.  I looked back in my training log to see what I have done before successful races, and I am doing just about the right kind of training.  I am only up to 6 miles on my long runs, but I am certain I can get that back up to 13 miles without pushing it.  

I am certain that today will be a wonderful day at work.  Many of the managers who work in offices near mine have taken today off, it will be quiet and I can get a LOT of work done.  I am looking forward to it.  At noon, I am meeting with one of my favorite work friends, who is serving a lunch of green chile, salad, and tortillas while we work!

The grandbabies will be spending the weekend here with my daughter (their aunt) and myself.  It is nice to have them here when it is not just me.  When I am the only adult it makes me so tired I despair.  But with two of us, we can still do stuff and keep the little ones entertained.  

I am greatly looking forward to it.  It is so nice to feel that way when you wake up in the morning.  Looking forward.  Feeling happy.  It is good.  


Pam said...

Oh, all that does sound good!
Enjoy your Friday darlin'.
I appreciate you.

Trailboss said...

I get my precious this weekend too! Steph will be there to help as well but not a lot since she has homecoming tonight and the haunted house tomorrow night.

dAAve said...


Scott W said...

It's 54º here and it feels great. Although I have a slight sore throat from breathing the cool air last night.

Happy green chile Friday!

Lou said...

All is well in MC's universe. Enjoy.

J-Online said...

Sounds like a wonderul weekend! Enjoy

AlkySeltzer said...


(Is that ALL, Steve?
Are you sick or something?
Where is the REST of your usual 2,499-word dissertation-comment?)

Sober T said...

I love that picture you have on this entry. If you have that to look forward to, I'd have at least walked it. I'm sure you made the right choice. Hope your day turned out perfectly. And have fun with the kiddies. :o)

Anonymous said...

Good lookin out for yourself MC! Have a great weekend!

Scott said...

I am glad you're listening to your body that's good. Working in a service job with a constant barrage of people in the bank, I would so LOVE a job where I could just come to work and work.

Syd said...

Ahhh...those days at work when few are around to interrupt. Those are good work days.