Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

It is Saturday morning.  Traditionally my favorite time of the week.  In the last couple of years I haven't enjoyed it quite so much.  I have been so overwhelmed with work that I don't think I have had time to savor the small pleasures as I normally would.  So, since I took yesterday off work, I feel rested and relaxed and I am happy it is Saturday morning.  

I woke up at 4:30, I didn't know that though.  I opened up a little slice of eyeball, and looked at my bedroom clock and saw it flashing "2:30," "2:30," "2:30."  I knew the power had been off at some point in the night.  So I got out of bed to see what time it really was.  By that time, I was wide awake.  I will actually take a bath and put on make-up and do my hair to go to my new-old homegroup in a brand new pair of blue jeans this morning.  Then I will come home and run.  

Yesterday I went to the gun store to buy pepper spray.  When I got there, it wasn't there.  I called my son to find out where the gun store went.  I was amazed to hear that it has moved very near to an AA club that I have gone to probably an average of 3 times a week.  How I never saw the gun store is a mystery to me.  When I walked in there, I was absolutely amazed.  The place was packed.  With men!  They were all buying guns.  As I purchased my pink canister of pepper spray (that was the only color they had... weird), I told the salesman that I would probably be buying a gun soon, and asked him if business was good.  He said people are trying to buy guns while they still can.  Yep.  That is why I want to get one.  I have never wanted a gun before in my life, but I have never felt so much that I will soon need one.  

After I purchased my pink canister of pepper spray, I decided I really need a new pair of jeans.  Well, I knew I needed a new pair of jeans, but I decided that I actually had the time to go to hundreds of stores and try on thousands of pairs of jeans - until I found that one pair that would work.  OK, I am exaggerating.  But I went to 7 stores and tried on 10s of pairs of jeans.  At Ann Taylor, I finally found a pair that look nice, and they cost $78.!  How did jeans get to cost $78.?  I was more than happy to spend $78. after trying on jeans all afternoon.  It is almost as traumatic as shopping for a swimming suit!  Oh, and then I went to Victoria's Secret - and that is traumatic as well.  

I hate to throw this serious thing at the end of such a frivolous post, but yesterday in my comments, I got an eye-opener.  Shadow, who lives in Africa, shared about the experience of being in AA in Africa.  It is not very similar to being in AA in the US.  So for her, it is not even possible to attend 90 meetings in 90 days.  And much of the other standard advice, which is perfectly good for people living in urban areas in the US, is just nuts if you live in a remote area on another continent.  I seldom think about how spoiled I am with so much fellowship around me.  But I think sometimes we lean on the fellowship instead of God.  

I better go get ready for the meeting. 

Let's all stay sober today, OK?
Correction:  Posted at 12:45 p.m., Mountain Daylight Time:
It wasn't Shadow who commented about going to AA in Africa, it was Mary LA.  It is just amazing to me that two sober women from Africa commented on my blog yesterday.  Sorry I got it wrong - in so many ways.  It is definitely worth going to this post about life as an alcoholic in Africa.  


dAAve said...

A gun? I'll need to know why, when you get around to telling me.

I've yet to do AA in Africa, but can only imagine how sparse the meetings would be in most countries. However, I DO know many of the bars throughout that continent.

A Girl said...

Hi Mary Christine!
Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I feel very fortunate that I live in a large enough city in Italy that I can go to 5 english speaking meetings a week.
We might be losing one because of low attendance and I hope this doesn't happen. It's my favorite meeting!
I wonder about those alcoholics that aren't in Milan, or Florence, or Rome. It must be really tough.

Scott W said...

I will never understand the US's love of firearms. We don't need to hunt animals to survive, and that, to me, would be the only reason to own one.

Pam said...

1. After I commented on your blog yesterday, I too thought of Shadow and that I am spoiled to have so many meetings to go to. There are thousands a week here..really.
2. I know exactly why you want to buy a gun...I'm surprised Dave hasn't figured it out as well. You can imagine how nervous we are in Texas about this "issue".
3. When it comes to buying is the only item of clothing where money is no object.

Shadow said...

mmm, i also went for all the gun lessons, haven't as yet applied for a licence though. and i don't know why. i guess i'm scared of that 'violence induces violence' thingy, yet i'm just as scared of not having one to protect me. buuut i'll get to whatever i need to i guess.

p.s. you have me mixed up with 'mary la' in here... had me a bit confused there since i couldn't remember this comment i made heee heee heee

Syd said...

I've never wanted a gun and still don't. I had a 22 when I was a kid and shot some squirrels. After that, I decided that killing things wasn't what I liked to do. I like the idea of new jeans and the Vic. Sec. stuff. Have a good Saturday.

Lou said...

Jeans & swim suits..ha, ha..they have turned into shopping trips that require a day off.

Things are not good right now-finacially or morally-in this country. It is scary.

Banana Girl said...

Not a day goes by when I do not get an affirmation of one sort or another from your "Stream". We are going to buy an arsenal this week. I thought we were perhaps going over the top, but I have consistently heard this and to hear it especially from you heartens my resolve. I had the exact same feeling. Just doing the next right thing....LU J.

Trailboss said...

My husband is going to teach me how to use a gun. I have been afraid of them since my boyfriend was accidently shot when I was 19. I feel though, living in the country like we do that I need to know how to use one. And I hope I never have to use it.

BTW, my boyfriend lived. But he is still an asshole!

Mary Christine said...

Sorry to say this, but when the storm troopers come to my door, I want to be able to say "NO".

Kyle said...


If or when you decide to buy a gun, let me know, I've been shotting for the better part or my life. If you need any advice, let me know. Wow, I sound like a redneck. Hope everything is good.


Mary LA said...

The comment came from me, not Shadow and in many cities in Africa AA is very urban and run along Western lines.

We have been through so many gun debates in South Africa and I distrust the vigilante stuff. Unless you can kill very fast and without hesitation, you are more like to be shot before your attacker, who will have more experience in violent assault and no compunction about killing. When I was held up at gunpoint in Johannesburg, I just froze and couldn't move wth shock, let alone scream or do anything to signal for help.

And over here, keeping a gun in your house just gives intruders another good reason to break in because illegal firearms are worth their weight in gold.

No easy answers, I just trust in my Higher Power

Mary LA

Sober T said...

Am I missing something? Has the country taken a turn for the worse and I missed it? As mary la said, you need to kill very fast and without hesitation and thats not me soooo... I think I'll remain gun free. Seriously, if it ever gets that bad, I'm moving back in with the ex and he can protect me. He'd have no probs shooting someone if need be.

Lounge Daddy said...

Wow. I tend to take so very much for granted. Dang, I need to be more appreciative.

AlkySeltzer said...

Still thinking about the "gun" thing.

As kids, we all learned how to fire a shotgun and rifle, and "went hunting!" Never got serious, though.

I'm struggling (well, just thinkin') with the "What-if's" and "Yeah-but's" of HAVING a gun in the house, or NOT having a gun in the house.

I checked a gun store near here and there is no gain in interest or sales yet...

In other news: $78 for ONE pair of pants? Mine only cost $9.99 at K-Mart. Can't read the brand name, because it washed out--at the first wash! I believe it was made in the "Clothing Capitol of the World"--Bolivia, or somewhere? Oh well, good night!

Zanejabbers said...

Granny got her gun. Hmmmmmm.

Scott said...

we are blessed in this country indeed, aren't we??