Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Did you see the last episode of Seinfeld?  The one where they ran out of things to say to each other?  That's how I feel this morning.  

I wanted to rail about an ignorant comment I got yesterday.  I went to the blog of the person who left it and found a public/virtual/electronic suicide note.  What on earth?  Do I have a responsibility to contact the authorities?  I have no clue who this person is or where they even are.  But I feel like I am failing to do what I should do.  

I think if you leave a suicide note on a blog - your computer should automatically disintegrate.  You do not deserve to have a computer or a blog anymore.  You make anyone who stumbles onto your blog a co-conspirator in your death.  And you know what?  THAT IS NOT OK.

I have been visiting the blog of a person who went to his first meeting last week.  And then he went to a meeting on Saturday.  He was hurt by some of the comments we left him.  And he has not posted since.  I was worried about him for a day or so.  I am done now.  Most drunks never sober up, and the big book tells us not to pursue them.   Unfortunately, the fool under the hill found him and posted many insane comments.  Oh well.  The price of blogging.

Some days the world does not look like a nice place, and I am afraid this is one of them.  I will go out and run and I bet by the time I have finished my 4 miles I will have a different attitude.


Trailboss said...

I love Seinfeld. My husband hates it. I think you gotta have a certain sense of humor to appreciat it.

Did you wear your cool hat this morning?

Lou said...

You have to have a thick skin to blog.

You're back up to 4 miles..damn, I hear you gaining on me.

Shadow said...

4 miles will kill any ole' bad mood. good going!

Scott W said...

I loved that last episode. Perfect actually.

I bet your Wednesday gets better.

dAAve said...

Somewhere I read something about tools of the program and that This Too Shall Pass.

Mary LA said...

You know, if we are drinking like only an alcoholic knows how to drink the world just disappears and evrything goes very dark.

There is no easy answer for those of us who stand by and watch this happen to others. Especially when we know it could have happened to us.

Get out there and have a fabulous run, wonder woman.

J-Online said...

4 MILES. you are rockin. I have my running shoes out to do it today but am still in bed reading blogs. I should be working. Maybe lunch time. Hope your Wednesday gets better

Pam said...

You seem to be a magnet for fruit flies occasionally!
My son does Kozmo perfectly.

wendy said...

hope you are feeling better after your run.

that "freedom from want" I experience is a product of my childhood. always a silver lining.

I'd trade my freedom from want for a little serenity and acceptance if you have some to spare.

have a good wednesday.

Syd said...

Blogging gets tough because what we write is available for everyone to read. Some like what we have to say and some post suicide notes. I can't stop someone from self-destructing. I hope that you enjoyed the run and saw some pretty leaves to remind you of all the good things you are surrounded by.

Zanejabbers said...

4 down and 9 to go. Is a half marathon actually half -13 miles?

The suicide note is scary. If it is real, you have already done your part. Our goal is not to rescue but to support. And you have done that and sohave others.
Please keep that up. We all need peole like you.

AlkySeltzer said...

Seinfeld is one of my Favorite shows--don't watch TV much anymore, and I sure did miss their 'final' show. Maybe it'll be rerun a few times.

I never realized that some of the consequences of blogging are not nice, b/c all my experiences have been VERY positive, even the couple times I had to be put in place.

Sorry about these men, but in my meditations today, I blogged along the subject line of "resposibility".