Saturday, November 01, 2008

Home Group

This morning I went to my home group.  If you do not have a home group, you have no idea what you are depriving yourself of.  It is the most wonderful thing.  I seldom give advice, but here is some:  if you do not have a home group, get one - at once!

I have tried adopting other groups as my h.g., and I have felt at various times that I have had success at this.  But now that I have started to once again drive across town to the group and the people with whom I sobered up, I realize that it will always be my home, and there will never be another.  I know that some people move far away from where they sobered up and do not have the opportunity to go to their old h.g., but I do.  

So this morning I got to see Denny, who took me to my first meeting.  I got to see John.  About 12 years ago, that group moved and my friend Andy and I still went to the old meeting place (because it was still listed in the meeting book) and sat there in case anyone showed up.  We would get newcomers, coming to their first meeting.  John was one of those.  Andy and I both loved John and wanted so much for him to get sober.  He did get sober for a while, but then had a bad slip, lasting years and costing him everything he had.  

He has a year and a half of sobriety now.  He and his wife were able to regain custody of their kids within the last year.  He talked about trick or treating with his boys last night.  It was beautiful.  In the past, he would have sent his nanny out to do that "chore," and now that he is poverty-stricken, he is finding out what the true treasures in life really are.    He is also very wise and has impeccable taste, he told me that he couldn't believe I am almost 57 years old, and that I have a "timeless beauty!"  No wonder I love him!!!  

Life is peaceful and good today.  I am about to assemble a pot of homemade soup, and will let it simmer while I am out cleaning up the end of the fall leaves.  It just doesn't get much better than this.  

*in case anyone is wondering, I gave wellsphere permission to publish my blog on their health site ( I have very mixed emotions about this) and if I don't have a picture on my posts, they put one there... so I am putting a picture on almost every post now.  The pictures they place on my posts are really not to my liking at all... kind of new-agey, fakey spiritually, icky.  


Lou said...

I have a home group. But my loyalty has not been tested;)

Scott W said...

I love to feel 'at home' in a meeting.

raino said...

this is the first time i have ever heard the term 'home group'.

Pam said...

my home group really does feel like home.
timeless beauty?? damn girl-now that's A COMPLIMENT!

dAAve said...

My little timeless beauty.

Syd said...

My home group feels like home. I'm glad to have those people and that group to go to.