Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Step Ten

"Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it."  

I love this step.  Really, really love it.  

Allow me to be didactic for a moment and just point out that this step says WHEN we were wrong, not IF we were wrong.  We are humans and we are going to be wrong.  We will likely get used to being wrong less often, but we are still going to be wrong.  But what we do about it makes all the difference.

I think the first trick for me is to realize that I am going off track before I am totally out in left field.  I usually get out there gradually, so it really pays to be doing a regular 10th step and then I am likely to see when I am just a bit off track before I am totally wacked.  

I have a pretty book that I keep by my bedside and use for my written 10th step.  I am not always 100% faithful to writing every night... but when I am, things are better.  I will catch things that I need to apologize for, or talk to someone about, or just change.  I will notice when I am starting to gossip which for me is a bad thing, it is not only harmful to others, but it makes me feel icky.  

I cannot behave the way others behave. I can't get away with it.  I cannot go around hurting others.  I cannot play the corporate game, I have to be honest.  I cannot blame others - even when they are wrong.  The price for behaving these ways may be my very life.  I have to keep it squeaky clean.  I have to take responsibility for my own actions.  I cannot spend time worrying about the "wrongs" that others have done me.  

It is a big challenge to live this way, but the rewards are more than worth the sacrifice and effort.  I feel like the Tenth Step keeps me on the right path.  The Sober Path.  Thank God.


dAAve said...

I thnk the chapter on Step 10 in the 12/12 contains some of our best literature.

AlkySeltzer said...

Today, WHEN wrong, I will promptly admit it. I promise myself that.

Also I learned a new word, "didactic".
With H.S. background of 4 yrs Latin and 2 yrs Greek, I should have figured it out, but DID look it up to make sure.

Thanks for that, and SO many other, more important (Step Study?) things, MC....and God!

Scott W said...

I don't like that icky feeling either. There is a solution! Yay!


Being human - you're right - it's WHEN, not IF I am wrong.

Thank God I can put my wrongs to right without shooting you or me (figuratively, that's what I used to do).

I spent so much of my life before recovery in that "icky" place. I absolutely insist on doing all that I can to not be in that "icky" place again and to get out quickly should I end up there.

♥Shann♥ said...

yep, step 10 keeps me grounded and reminds me that I am not perfect, what a relief on both accounts. I really loooove this step as well, with out it, I sure do get out there too!

J-Online said...

Thank you so much for taking time to explain each of the steps. You have done it beautifully and I've learned something new each day!

Lou said...

I could never put a name on that feeling--now I know--icky!

The concept of catching myself before I'm totally in left field is spot on.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Thank you for the reminder of when not if and I also notice the when these crop up, not if these crop up too...when I am not doing this step rigorously and not waiting until the end of the day, I try to be aware when it happens as soon as it happens... thank you for the wonderful reminder.


Syd said...

It's my favorite step I guess. It is one that keeps me mindful of how to treat others and how to keep my ego in check.

big Jenn said...

Also my favorite step. My problem sometimes is taking my own inventory to a fault. I shred myself sometimes. Of course I won't cut YOU any slack either as a result! Progress not perfection! jeNN

Pam said...

You are doing good service work little pumpkin...and YOU ARE ALMOST THROUGH!!!