Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning

I only have to work three days this week!  Woo Hoo!  And I leave early tomorrow afternoon for a dental appointment (teeth cleaning), I leave early on Wednesday afternoon for a physical therapy appointment (please, let it work)!  

My children and I have decided to have roast beef and yorkshire pudding for Thanksgiving.  None of us really like turkey and they will be in Montana for Christmas, so no worries of being repetitive.  I won't have that awful turkey carcass to deal with, just yummy left over roast beef.  

On Friday I am going to see my favorite bloggers in Houston!  Yay!  

I have been shopping for this event, but just looked at the Houston weather.  I think I need to go do some more shopping.  It is hard to wrap your mind around hot weather on Thanksgiving weekend when you have always lived in places where it is likely to snow that weekend.  

I did run my 8 miles yesterday and thought I was going to die.  I am still hurting from that.  But as I was running, I was reflecting on the death of my friend.  My mind tends to gravitate to the morbid, so of course, I was doing that.  Regretting.  Regretting thinking he was so self-centered when he was getting ill, before I realized how sick he was.  Regretting not loving more unconditionally.  Regretting not calling him back straight away when he hung up on me the last time we spoke.  I thought we had time to talk after the election, but I know better.  I know from too many experiences that we never know which is our last conversation with a person.  I hope I can carry these lessons into my relationships with the living.  

We all get another chance today.  Let's take advantage of it.


Lou said...

True thoughts all around.

I have never had yorkshire pudding.

Scott W said...

I would love it if you brought some cold weather with you, but that is unlikely to happen. Just come on down!

Pam said...

Please don't do a whole lot of shopping, I don't really want you to look a WHOLE lot better than me. Since it's a Lambda event lets go as a couple K?
I can say go get me some more tea woman!
I've never seen or tasted Yorkshire pudding.

dAAve said...

Regarding your friend, I think you did what seemed right at the time. Like you say, we can't predict the future.

I loved roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and potatoes and a green veggie when I lived in the UK. I ate it often.

Hope said...

Thanks to an English Grandma I love yorkshire pudding. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Syd said...

Yorkshire pudding is great. Sounds like a good plan.

We never know which day is our last. I guess that's why I always tell those that I love how much I care. Something my mother told me a long time ago--never go to bed angry and tell those that you love that you do love them. Good advice.

wendy said...

this sentence totally answered a question that has been weighing on me about how to handle a potential situation...thanks for sharing.

"I know from too many experiences that we never know which is our last conversation with a person. I hope I can carry these lessons into my relationships with the living."

hope you have a good day.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, sounds like you'll be having fun with the Houston set! Enjoy your holiday!


PS, I only have a three day work week too! whoo hoo!


A 94 year old woman that I visited in the hospital this morning told me early on in our conversation that she wondered why she was still here. She said she was outliving her money and had hoped to leave some for her children. This was what was on her mind.

Seemed a challenge to me so I just told her what I thought. In my own words, I pretty much told her what you just said, "we never know which is our last conversation with a person". I told her we never know when anyone's last day will be. (She lost a son when he was in his 30's).

These are pretty deep questions that stir the minds of us mortals.
We do the best we can.

big Jenn said...

the one thing i learned to do with Annie was say what we needed to say. I'm like that with everyone now. It is a great gift.jeNN

Mike said...

Enjoy the extra time off and have a great holiday!

Alcoholic Brain said...

Just stopped in to say hi. "hi."

Trailboss said...

I won't be visiting Houston, nor having roast beef or Yorkshire pudding (I have never seen or tasted it either) but I will enjoy my 4 day weekend. Plus I get to spend Thanksgiving with Abby!!