Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Back to Basics

Out kneeling in the weeds, taking a picture of the sunrise with my iPhone. The sunrise caught my eye during my morning run. My first run since my marathon on October 17. I paused my garmin, got out my phone and crawled into the weeds for the finest vantage point of the (what I thought was) spectacular sunrise.

Oh, it felt so gooooooooooood to be out in the brisk morning air, doing what I do. Thanking God for it.

And now, sitting at my computer, trying to quickly write something, still in sweaty running gear, eating a bowl of muesli, need to get in the tub and get to work.

I feel like I am being reacquainted with an old friend I have missed - myself.

That marathon kicked the s*** out of me. I don't believe I will do that again.

My daughter is in the other room sleeping. Bless her little heart. Her little broken heart. I got so frustrated with her last night. She is 22 months sober and I fear some of her little brain cells are fried. She cannot sit still for one sentence or thought. I expressed my frustration. So, she told me a joke. And here it is:

How many people with ADD does it take to change a light bulb?

Do you want to take a bike ride?

Have a nice sober day.



Roxie said...

Just sending warm, healing thoughts to your girl. Heartbreak is no fun, no matter what age.

dAAve said...

I LOL at that joke. Tell her, please.

You sound better and that's good.

Syd said...

ADD is a tough thing and coupled with alcoholism makes it harder. Her joke is good--and very true. I hope that her heart will mend after she does her grieving. Glad that she has you.

wendy said...

That joke totally makes sense to me and I laughed at it, too. Is that a bad sign?

hope you have a great day.

PJ said...

LOVE the joke. I'm with Wendy on this. Makes complete sense to me, and I'm still chuckling. I think my husband has selective ADD, like when I'm talking to him, this coluld easily be his response to a serious question I've just asked him. ((HUGS)) to you both, and prayers for you both. xo, PJ