Sunday, November 21, 2010

Living in the Solution

I've been to the second meeting this week where I have heard sort of a bimodal message. This morning the topic was Thanksgiving. A new guy wanted to talk about the fact that he would be with a bunch of drunks for the holiday but wasn't worried about it. Another new guy said he can go anywhere and do anything and stay sober - he learned this in rehab - which he has just been discharged from. Then there were people like me who shared experience about being careful, staying around sober people, having a phone always handy - loaded up with AA phone numbers - having my own way to leave any situation so that I am not stuck somewhere I am uncomfortable.

I know the big book says we can go places people think we shouldn't go. I also know that it contains a little test on pgs. 101-102. Do we have a good reason to go and are we on solid spiritual ground? These are questions I always ask myself before attending an event where there will be alcohol.

For the most part, I am just more comfortable without booze being around. I seldom have any good reason to go to a bar or other places where drinks are being served.

Does this mean I am afraid of booze? Nope. It means I have attended a few funerals of people who had long term sobriety at some point. I know that being sober for "x" number of years does not guarantee that I am going to have "x" more years and never drink again. My sobriety needs to be cared for today, just like it did years ago. I do not take it for granted. And I don't trifle with it.

So, this morning it is windy and cold outside. My non-alcoholic* daughter called a while ago and said in a very rough voice "what are you doing?" Schooled in listening skills learned in AA, I immediately asked her "what's wrong????" She is very sick, nausea, etc. She asked me to get her some crackers. I went to the grocery store and purchased two bags of things I thought would be helpful to someone who has been up all night vomiting. I used to have a great deal of experience with that malady - but it has been a long time, Thank God.

And thank God I can be available to my daughter today. It is a wonderful thing to realize that the people I love know they can depend upon me... because I am sober.

*how do I know she is non-alcoholic? When putting away the food I brought her this morning, I opened her refrigerator. I commented when I saw 4 beers. She said "oh yeah, I bought them when I moved in." She moved in January of this year. Freak!


Syd said...

I am not comfortable around people getting drunk. I avoid parties where there is a lot of booze. Hope that your daughter feels better.

Grace-WorkinProgress said...

Last line very funny. I liked yesterdays post because I always want to capture the beauty of a sunset or full moon and end up missing it myself taking a bad picture. I always want to share the beauty.

dAAve said...

I rarely go where alcohol is served, except maybe a restaurant.
Sorry I was late getting here, but it is what it is.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

LOL, I used to leave beer in the fridge for long periods of time, it was always in the effort to appear normal. I thought about that stuff a lot, like how much should I leave so that people don't think I'm alcoholic. At the time that these thoughts were most prevalent I was living alone and RARELY did anyone visit, rarely.

I also had plenty of other beers, hard ciders, rum, vodka, irish whiskey, wine, port... I hid the port when people came, there wasn't enough to share.

I know you understand. No matter how normal I attempt to appear, I am not a normal drinker or thinker. ;oP

I hope your daughter feels better, sucks to be sick like that! Great to have a mom that is there when you need her.

Annette said...

I *am* afraid of alcohol. I don't like it. Too many traumatic memories for me. I work at not letting that fear control me though...ugh.

I'm glad you got to be there for your daughter. How nice that she called her momma...I love that. :o)