Friday, November 12, 2010

November Morning

Some tomatoes that never came to their fruition. I guess I thought they looked poetic as I ran past the other morning. The blue bucket, the grey fence, the dead vegetation, the yellow tomatoes... I don't know.

It is cold this morning. I have to get to work. How splendid to work one day and have two more off. I have a great weekend planned. Lots of good stuff, lots of fellowship. Good stuff, good friends, good food (probably, I am not cooking though).

The winter session with my running group starts tomorrow (actually it started last week, but I couldn't join them last week due to illness). I am looking forward to seeing those friends too. I am surprised by how quickly I became very fond of several of those women.

Yesterday I met with a friend for lunch. It was nice to see him. I ordered up a big lunch and quickly realized I could not shovel it into my mouth. I had some dental work done the day before and could not open my mouth wide enough to get anything in. So, I got my lunch packed into a box and brought it home. It was still nice to visit with him. It is nice to visit with real alcoholics who have the strange mental twists that I understand - because I have them too.

But you know what? I don't have to drink. I haven't had to drink for a long time. Most of my friends don't drink either. We came to Alcoholics Anonymous and found an answer there. The answer involves a lot more than just going to meetings - please find a sponsor to find out what it is that is necessary. We did not turn into robots, without emotion, who never have another problem. We are real people, trying to live life to the best of our abilities. Sometimes that works well, sometimes it doesn't. But the amazing thing is this: For alcoholics to not drink - and more importantly, not WANT to drink - and live happy, productive lives, this is amazing. We take it for granted in AA, but it is indeed miraculous.

I think I shall take this little miracle out in the world today and see what I can do with it.

Gratefully, thanking God for it.

Let's not drink today, no matter what, OK?


GeorgiaSnail said...

A runner and a member in good standing...I'm glad I stumbled accross your blog...Thank you for your words this morning!

Syd said...

The winter garden is doing well here. But hardy things like collards and kale do well in most places. Enjoy the run and the day. It is a beautiful Friday here.

Jeremy said...

We do indeed sometimes take that for granted, or rather I know I do.

It truly is such a miracle that I don't have the impulse to take a drink - what a gift!

Andrew said...

And life goes on. And it is so much better sober.

PJ said...

GREAT post, MC. And thanks for the reminder that we need to work with a SPONSOR. I need to find one here in my new hometown. Couple of ladies I have in mind to ask... Thinking today it would be good to work through the steps again -- could use the structure and discipline and the gut-wrenching honesty involved in completing another 4th and 5th step! Love how you ALWAYS seem to find beauty in the most offbeat things and places, and how you share them with us. Thanks for the shared blessings and miracles. xoxo

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I made it through another day sober too and the day wasn't perfect without problems in my perception and running interference with others.