Saturday, November 20, 2010

Into Focus

I took this photo yesterday morning on my way to church. It is not a good photo, but it is a representation of a woman trying to take a photo while driving into a beautiful sunrise. The sunrise was absolutely spectacular. We have had many bright pink/red/orange sunrises and sunsets in the last few days. I enjoy a beautiful beginning and ending to a day.

Yesterday I went with my three children (who are all in their 30s) and one of their friends to see the new Harry Potter movie. The movie was very good, we all agreed it was the best of the Harry Potter movies, and we love us some Harry Potter. My son's wife has zero interest in HP, so she stayed at home with the baby and called us "the nerd herd" as we left the house for the movie. It was cute. We went to the 10:15 p.m. showing, which meant I didn't get to bed until nearly 2 a.m. I didn't manage to get up in time to meet my group for my run this morning - which was sad. It was one of my favorite routes.

However, as a mother of adult children, when my kids ask me to do something with them, I don't ask many questions, I just say "yes."

There was a big campaign 20 or so years ago - "Just say no." People in other programs with other problems than alcoholism sometimes need to learn to say no.

For this alcoholic, my lifetime's task is to learn how to say "yes." No is my default answer. I am hardwired for No. I need to be open to God's graces and say "YES" to life.

Yes God, I am ready to say "yes" again today.


K said...

No is my default answer as well. It's so hard for me to say yes to anything because of all of the fear behind it. I tended to be very shy most of my whole life and alcohol was what gave me the freedom from living behind that wall. Now, being only sober a few years and coming up on an aniversary, I still find it hard to say yes. But I sure try! Sometimes I have to start out with an "I'll think about it" and let it turn into a yes. Living in fear is not being in faith and I needed to learn to trust people, saying yes and seeing them show up has been like a tiny miracle everytime it happens. Thank you for reminding me to continue saying "yes".


marcia said...

I enjoy reading all of your posts because no matter my mood, I get something useful by the end of your post. Like my meetings, which I love, I leave here feeling comforted and supported on this journey in recovery. And, I find your photography exquisite. I really appreciate that you have kept this blog going.

Guinevere said...

Mary Christine, I've said this before on your blog and I'll say it again, I appreciate what you do... When we write for public consumption there will always be people who will find something that offends them. Never fails. I've written for the public for more than 20 years, and when we stake a claim to an opinion or a body of work, people will accuse us of getting too big for our britches, being unknowledgeable, breaking some rule, or otherwise transgressing.

Increasing awareness of addiction and especially recovery is very much needed. Imperative. Saves people's lives. High on my agenda as a blogger and a recovering woman. It takes courage and conviction to save lives. Bill W. saved lives and wrote books. Carry on, please.

My higher power gave me the opportunity to start my blog... It's a matter of my saying yes not to my ego but to Life. In that way it helps keep me sober. Thanks.--G

Guinevere said...

Let me rephrase that: Bill W.'s work saved lives. Because he said Yes to its opportunities. --G

Jeremy said...

A great reminder of how amazing life can be if we just say yes. Glad you enjoyed the movie

Syd said...

I have learned to say no because I had the opposite response for most of my life. I would say yes to things that I did not want to do. Now I go with my truth. It is a good feeling.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

It seems I somehow thought saying yes to the wrong things and no to the right ones would somehow balance a life I couldn't stand.

When my first sponsor said, the program allows you to trade your old life for a new one... I was on board cause my old life sucked.

Imagine my surprise when so much of that life just changed color in the wash :) and turned out to be quite right but without any appreciation.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I forgot (talking about me) to say, thank you Mary Christine, for continuing to be a great reflection of the reasons why I love this program and all of the people in it so much!

You are one of the gemstones that shines! :)

Thanks for appreciating sunrises