Monday, November 08, 2010

More Fellowship

This morning I have read blogs without commenting. I felt like a thief, but I did it anyway. There are now only 3 or 4 blogs I read daily. Of those, only one person comments on my blog regularly (thank you Dave). I commented on his today. I wonder what will become of us. This morning I looked at one of the sober wonder blogs of a few years ago, with all the links on the sidebar. Of the scores of links, I think only Dave and I are still blogging. (Syd is also a faithful blogger and commenter, but his blog is an alanon blog, that is the reason for its exclusion here.) Blogger now includes "stats," which I am always a sucker for. It has a feature for your top posts. One of mine is the post from the International convention last summer. What a wonderful memory. And to read the comments is just wonderful. Do you know that the woman who sang "Amazing Grace" for us all actually left an amazingly graceful comment? The post was nothing, the comments were everything.

Fellowship. We can have it in blogland as well as in life. Really, we can. But not if you never say anything.

My daughter is in the process of moving back in with me. Her heart is breaking as she does this. The last thing on earth she wants to do is move back in with her mother. She is grateful for a sober mother who welcomes her, let me be quick to add, but she is a 31 year old who has been on her own since she was 18 and this does not feel good. Today, for the 1,329th time, she will get people to go with a truck to her b.f.'s house to get her stuff and move out. Hopefully this will be the last time. I wouldn't place any money on it though.

Yesterday one of her sober friends picked her up and brought her back here. When she came back, we all sat around and chatted. She is a young woman who is sober 6 years. It was so nice to just sit in the kitchen and talk. Three sober women. Two different generations, but all speaking the "language of the heart."

The language of the heart transcends all barriers. (Even reticence to post comments - get it?)

God Bless Us, every one.


Sheryl said...

Thank you for blogging - reading this is how I start my day, every day!

John S. said...

I am new to blogging. I have been sober a few years. My life is becoming preferable. I am grateful for this post. It reminds me to be a part of. Keep caring 
John S. 

Kim A. said...

I have recently had my relationship with my mother (10 years sober) healed. I missed the place she has in my life and heart. I believe that mothers and daughters have the most complex and deep relationships. I take comfort in your post.


dAAve said...

comment comment comment
comment comment comment
comment comment comment
comment comment comment
comment comment comment

and I mean it.

Anonymous said...

Um, Syd is linked on your sidebar. Did you have a change of mind?

I can't remember how I came across Syd's blog but as 'double winner' I think it is helpful to have a pointer to good stuff from the 'other' fellowship, on AA and Al-Anon blogs.

Just my opinion and experience.

Anonymous said...

Oh, maybe you meant exclusion from mention in your post, not on your blogroll.


Syd said...

MC, I wish that I did have time to comment on all the blogs that I follow. I can't keep up with so many though. And the whole community has changed from when I started. You and Dave are really the only remaining ones from that time. I am glad that you are still here.

harry said...

you've flushed me out! i read your blog every day and love it. i also read loads of others and i'm afraid i don't comment on them either. its because i'm early in sobriety and, while i have told a lot of my close friends about going to aa and starting to sort out my life, i haven't told my work colleagues and there could be problems if i did. but i couldn't let you think no-one was out here!

Hope said...

I still miss Pammie.

Carverlane said...

I miss Pammie, too. She was a riot!

PJ said...

Hey, MC. I have to admit that I am guilty of frequently reading and not commenting. I don't post that often anymore, and it's generally in spurts, so I guess I have some reluctance to comment 'cuz I don't want it to seem that I'm only commenting to get y'all to visit my blog and leave comments on it, etc., etc. You know -- the whole alcoholic mind spin. SO... Please DO come visit me, and please DO leave a comment, but only if you want. :D ((HUGS)) and prayers going up for you and your daughter. So grateful she has a sober Mom and friends, but my heart breaks for you and for her. Courage, my friend.

Mary LA said...

I comment when I am able to do so and I appreciate comments -- the recovery blogging community has changed a great deal in recent years but that is the nature of blogging.

I miss some of our former bloggers a great deal. Often I wonder: 'what would Pammie say?' and sigh to myself. And I wish I knew how Lou is doing.

Anonymous said...

Not only does your blog break our traditions but you beg for comments? Re-read the 12th tradition and learn something about true humility.

Anonymous said...

How does this break the tradition? I have no idea who this person is, and I surely don't know her name or face.

John S. said...

I see no mention of our text. No personal reference, there is always one bleeding heart trying to project their misbelief on the whole.

God Bless