Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Last Day this Week to Commute

I am in a whole new demo for junk mail.  Awesome

Don Juan comes to full bloom
Tomorrow I work from home and I am going to find a way to get a bike ride in and maybe a run.  Whatever I do, I won't have to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to get to work.

Yesterday I was in a small meeting with my boss and another woman, we were strategizing how to get unduplicated survey data for a population that is fluid and anonymous.  My boss said "I wonder what AA does, they must survey to find out if their program is effective."  And without hesitation, I said "They survey every three years, and use a random sample."  My boss is pretty cool, but she did look at me for a split second like "What???"

I am now running 20 minutes late, so I better get.

I hope you all stay sober today if that is your heart's desire.  It is mine.  I have prayed every day for this, and so far my prayers have been answered.  I'm grateful for that!


Anonymous said...

You were just writing of this the other day too, how funny! So jealous that you have a Don Juan! LOL!

Mary LA said...

That Don Juan rose seen against your lace tablecloth looks gorgeous.

They asked a question and got an answer!

Syd said...

Perhaps AA needs someone familiar with survey design and data analysis. At least a letter to WSO might be worth while. Hard to believe that AA doesn't have a better means of gathering data.

Anonymous said...

Your blog has been an inspiration in honesty and standing for your beliefs. I won't forget the lessons I learned here, and in my case they have nothing to do with AA, but everything to do with decency and common sense.

dAAve said...

I was not aware of a 3-year survey.
Frankly, I don't see how it could be possible to come up with anything better than an educated guess of the effectiveness of A.A.
There are so many people who come to just a meeting or 2. Would they be counted? Too many variables to have any accuracy.

Pammie said...

She didn't blink because they are becoming accustomed to you knowing all the answers! I hope she knows how lucky she is to have you my friend.

Mary Christine said...

Patty, I know!
Mary, They got an answer they didn't expect!
Syd, I think it is odd that the results from the 2010 survey are not yet available and 2013 is almost here!
Lou, Thank you! I have loved reading your blog too.
Dave, My boss was asking about effectiveness, but the survey is really about demographics... how long have you been sober, how did you get to AA, how many meetings do you go to, etc.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Happy weekend!