Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm me again.

Really. I feel back to being cheerful and looking forward to the day. Yesterday was wonderful. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill in the morning, in my best time ever. I was ecstatic when I left the gym.

After work, I took a 12 mile bike ride in a lovely river canyon with a friend from work. It was hard! I was tired! But it was great. There was crazy weather all around, but we really lucked out and the rain didn't get us until we were heading back into the parking lot.

Today I have a massive amount of work to get done. I have a presentation to make tomorrow at 9:00 and I have not yet written it. I always wait until the last minute, but this is a presentation of a year's worth of data, with graphs, charts, text, rationale, etc.... I may have to put in a long day today.

I better get going. I need to get to church this morning by 6:30. Yikes.

"Let us reemphasize that this reluctance to fight one another or anybody else is not counted as some special virtue which makes us feel superior to other people. Nor does it mean that the memebers of Alcoholics Anonymous, now restored as citizens of the world, are going to back away from their individual responsibilities to act as they see the right upon issues of our time. But when it comes to AA as a whole, that's quite a different matter. In this respect, we do not enter into public controversy, because we know that our Society will perish if it does." -- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 177



Sorry MC for not being around lately. Miss you much.
I see you,

dAAve said...

Sounds like a fun-filled day. LOL
Procrastination sucks, eh?

Lex-Sunshine said...

Sounds like a BUSY day! : )

good to read you again! Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Mary Christine you always amaze me! how do you get so much done before 6.30 am??? what time do you get up?
well my goal this week is to get up 1/2 eariler than usual and work out wish me luck
good quote too
have a great day and dont work too hard : D

Anonymous said...

I knew you were being rejuvinated this past week.You sound fab again.
I love the bike riding stories you share here too...I really do!!!
Thanks for sharing~

Christine said...

glad you're out of the brown out

you are an inspiration

Scott said...

My goodness MC, you ARE a busy gal these days... I hope the presentation goes well, and that you don't have to kill yourself in order to get it done! That is so kool, having the features of the Colorado landscape to bike through. I bet that 12 mile ride through the canyon was tough indeed, but sooo rewarding from the perspective of being able to enjoy HP's creative beauty! Too kool...

DG - trudgingtheroad said...

>>>and I have not yet written it.<<<

That is so me :)

>>>I always wait until the last minute, but this is a presentation of a year's worth of data, with graphs, charts, text, rationale, etc.... I may have to put in a long day today.<<<

I have a ton of graphs and charts and stuff ... you're welcome to use them. :p

Seriously good luck, I am relating to the crunch mentality at the moment.

Diego said...

Nice quote.....

Diego said...

nice quote......we're on the beam.....Hope things went well with your presentation....I am sure they did....hugs....D

Gwen said...

Love to see the process all the way till "I'm me again." Gives me hope and reinforces things DO pass.