Thursday, August 03, 2006

nano nano

That's me waving "hi" to all of you.

I am not going to run/bike/or swim this morning even though I had a bike ride planned. I am tired and I think I need to honor my poor old body. My triathlon is on Sunday. I am so excited about it.
If you have a second, go over and visit Greg, he is a new blogger.
"The slogan 'Easy Does It' is one way we AAs remind each other that many of us have tendencies at times to overdo things, to rush heedlessly along, impatient with anything that slows us down. We find it hard to relax and savor life." -- Living Sober, p. 45


Greg said...

Good morning thanks for the plug...have a Good day

dAAve said...

I love the picture - what a GREAT idea!!
I shall visit Greg now, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love your HNT pic' MC.
How modern!!!!

Yes,Easy Does It with the bod before you end up too pooped to
for tri-sunday!!!

I am really excited for you .
I can feel that buzz...I used to belong to a swim club and always got excited the weekend of a meet.

Thanks for sharing~

Diego said...

I don't see a "poor old body..."easy does it" MC.....hugs..

DG - trudgingtheroad said...

Good Luck in the Triathalon.

Carly said...

Good luck with your triathlon on Sunday, MC! I'll be in your neck of the woods tomorrow night, attending a Saturday a.m. meeting in Denver. I'd love to hook up if at all possible but am not sure how to email you directly!

Shannon said...

I went over and said hi to GREG... and he is a washingtonian too!!! cool thanks MC
and you look so cute waving hi :)

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

I will miss the triathalon, but then I would probably not recognize you from your snapshot on the phone anyway.

Have a great run and a great weekend. I know I plan on it.


HI right back at you.
I see you,