Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Presentation today

I worked for 10 hours yesterday and still didn't get my presentation done. I will get in to my office early today and have until 9:00 to get it done. I have no doubt I will get it done, but I wish I had started it earlier. But at the age of 54, it is highly unlikely that I will change this particular M.O. since it has served me so well in my life.

It feels like autumn is in the air already. Fall is my favorite season, but I have to admit that I feel sad that this summer is already almost over. I only had my trip to Savannah for a vacation, and that wasn't nearly restorative enough.

I am debating whether to go see my sponsor this weekend. There is a Peach Festival she and her husband are committed to attend on Friday. I am so freaking tired that the idea of walking around a Peach Festival sounds like torture and I don't want to go. Then there are several options of what I can do instead.... like drive over on Saturday morning instead of Friday. Or go next weekend. I don't know why this seems like rocket science right now.

"Treatment of our condition, as the American Medical Association has noted, 'primarily involves not taking a drink.' Our experience reinforces that prescription for therapy." -- Living Sober, p. 32


dAAve said...

Somewhere, in some book, I was reading a thing called Step Three and ...

Mark W. said...

'Mon baaaakkk to Savannah! lol...

If only y'all cudda stayed longer yudda been restored. :-)

Summer won't be over here really until Oct. but the temp. just went under 90 in daytime for the first time since, since, oh heck, can't remember.

Hang in there until, until - - - what dAAve said!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are on overload with the presentation MC
I bet once it is done,you will decide what you want to do about the Peach Festival dilema.
Sending you serenity :)
Thanks for sharing~

Shannon said...

I am with you
1. I love fall I am an October baby... and I love the oranges and pumkins and leaves and trees all of it
2. I am sad summer is over too!! man adults need a summer vacation too LOL
oh well such is life and being a grown up
you will get it done you go girl

Sam said...

glad to visit with you again. glad you're aware of choices!

take good care,

Recovering Wino said...

Wanted to say hi and let you know I found your blog. I am looking to make some friends in the recovery blog community. Stop by my blog if you get a chance!

Diego said...

Maybe you can get a stroller for grown-ups like yourself???....take care M/C.........D

Scott said...

I hope that right now as I type this you're sitting in a nice relaxing hot bath, letting the crapola that's running across the board room table at your IBSC meeting just melt away... if not well, at least tomorrow marks the end of presentation preparation and it will be on to some other form of insanity, no doubt!

take care, my friend!

Trudging said...

Options can feel like rocket science sometimes.