Tuesday, September 19, 2006

39 Degrees

And I am going to go out and run (last night I found my running gloves and hat). It takes too dang long to drive to the gym and get on the treadmill - and yesterday I got stuck in traffic on the way home and was very late for work. I love using the treadmill because it is not as hard on a body, but being outdoors is much more spiritual. So in a minute, I will go out and run in the cold, dark morning - and won't it be great to see the sunrise?

I am going to take another day of vacation to get everything ready for my sister's visit this weekend. I will take Thursday off in addition to Friday and Monday. It will be nice to have a day to leisurely get ready. I feel like I have spent so much time getting the house ready, and it still just isn't there! My sister has done so much for me over the years, I want to make sure that everything is just right for her when she is here.

We had not spoken for 10 years when I got sober. We reconciled within months of my getting sober. Thank God for this way of life. It is so much more than just not drinking. Not that it isn't a big deal to not drink, because clearly it is, but the other things we get are just incredible. Things that seem to be impossible just somehow fall into place when we commence a spiritual way of life.

"We trust infinite God rather than our finite selves. Just to the extent that we do as we think He would have us do, and humbly rely on Him, does He enable us to match calamity with serenity." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 68


BigSkymAAck said...

Every thing will probably be just fine for your sister. I hope the two of you have a great time together. I would not want to run with a temp of 39. What am I talking about I would not want to run if it was 69 degrees.

dAAve said...

I am realizing more and more just what you're talking about. Drinking limited my life so much. It's only beginning to re-open.
Enjoy the cool weather and your sister's visit.

A Tampa Realtor said...

Wow, 39 degrees... how I would love to have it be that cool out!

Enjoy the light of the day!

Shannon said...

I love being able to take my time getting ready for things. have a great visit with your sister and I so get what you are saying..

the quote - dang it- kicked me in my selfpity behind just now

thanks I needed that

Alcoholic Brain said...

Beautiful post. You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

((Love this post))You are fab MC.
I feel your grattitude and courage.
I love that you share so much here!
Thanks for sharing~

Trudging said...

Yeegads, 39 degrees! I admire your commitment.

Barb said...

I am new to blogging. I am a runner and, unfortunately, a drinker. I can't find the balance and have turned to blogging to get some support and strength. Yours is one of the first hits I got when I typed in "running and drinking". I need to prioritize and tomorrow is step one. Thanks for posting. If I can figure out how to get back to your blog, I'll keep in touch. Regards,


39 degrees.......fuck that. Oops did I swear again. I hope you have the BEST time with your sister.
I see you,

lash505 said...

I would love cold weather. Enjoy the sister act.

Gwen said...

Your right, it is SO much more than not drinking and the not drinking IS a big deal.

I can get with you on the "making everything just right." That seems to be how I find calm. Strange I know. :)