Monday, September 18, 2006

I Love Monday

I am grateful that I have a job to go to today. I am grateful there will be people there I actually love. I am grateful that I am an "exempt" employee, and don't have to punch a time clock, because, man! am I going to be late! I got stuck in traffic coming home from the gym. I had a good run, and one of these minutes, I am going to get out of these stinky running clothes and get ready for work!

I had my 10,000th visitor last night at 11:53 p.m. It was someone from Seattle, domain name It was no one with whom I am familiar. So I guess no prize. Dang it!

Again, I will thank all of you bloggers who share your experience, strength, and hope. I cherish each of your blogs and look forward to visiting daily. I am so impressed by the quality of our sharing and the respect with which we treat each other - for the most part.

"I have become a pupil of the AA movement rather than the teacher I once thought I was." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 169


Scott said...

Happy 10,000th visitor! I made my 200th post the other day, and no confetti or nuttin, lol. I love blogging, and love the people I've met. Thanks for being such a great gal MC, and for all your help!

dAAve said...

I made a quick trip to Seattle last night to get on a netcafe computer (anonymous domain) so I could be your 10000th visitor.
Go to work.


Yup, that was me I was visiting
Thanks MC for a wonderful blog, for a wonderful YOU.
I see you,

Sober Chick said...

Congrats on the big Hit. I share your contentness with Monday and a job. I cherish the very presence of You!

Anonymous said...

Blogging Rules!
The people who share from the heart touch me everytime..It means so much to me too to see such dedication and honesty by unique humans in recovery and beyond.
You included MC ..I just love you!

Have a fab day you beautiful human you!

Thanks for sharing ~

BigSkymAAck said...

Great for you 10,000 hits I would like to see my website hit that someday. I made up for my short post today.

I really like the quote. I think I will just become a pupil, again.

Diego said...

Time to think about running for a political office MC......

wichitarick said...

new here ,my name is rick I from colo. and live in kansas.
I have 12 yrs sober this week ,I am 43 and drank and used since early teens .
am laid off but due to medical probs am being signed up for ssi .
been online a few yrs but spend most of my time on the garden web and a private msn site of "junkers" but had a DUH moment and said wow online AA
and am searching for imfo and active sites with friends .
not a blogger
chatted a few times that was fun
been through the hardest times of my life over the past yr 1/2 or so and stay sober "it is a way of life"

on topic ,think that could have been 10,ooo beer/coctails etc instead ,but who kept track right .
thanks Rick

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Ok you techies, how are you counting such things?

I have no idea how many posts I have made or visitors.

Actually, I don't care, as long as you guys are out there posting, I get to share in your experience, strength and hope.

Good to be around today, no travel for five days, so maybe I will be blogging regular like.

Mary Christine said...

Rick, keep coming back. Blogging is a wonderful resource. We have a great community here. It is easy to get your own blog - there is a link on the top of every blogger page. (I sent you an e-mail yesterday)

At the bottom of my blog, there is a little square symbol, that is my site meter. If you go there, and click "home" it will tell you how to get a site meter. I love seeing how people get to my blog.

doughgirl said...

being a pupil in AA is so much better to me than being the perfectionist I was in my life prior to AA...remaining teachable is important to me. Thanks for sharing

Shannon said...

I agree.. I love all us bloggers.. and I really appreciate all the respect we have for each other too... and all the other good stuff...
and you still soo inspire me lady hope you were not too late.

Recovering Wino said...

Thanks for sharing. It's my first time here...

lash505 said...

Very nice on the 10,000 congrads.

Gwen said...

Woooo Hooooo!!!! Congrats on 10,000 visitors!

AAwoken said...

Yeeha!!! Amazing stuff isn't it. 10,000 people. Imagine what is was like at the convention in Ontario. 40,00+ at onetime?