Saturday, September 02, 2006

46 degrees, Colorado State Convention, Labor Day, etc.

Yes, it is 46 degrees outside. I am heading out to the gym, but checked my iPod first and realized it needs to charge. Hence my sitting here - so why not make the best use of the time and blog?

Went to the State Convention last night. It was great fun. I saw lots of people I have known throughout the years. I think it is somewhat ironic that I have been sober for 22 years, active in Denver AA, and the first person I saw who I knew was Motorcycle Mike - our sober blogging friend. I got to meet his wife and we had a nice chat. I had dinner with my sponsee and her partner. I ran into many old friends including a woman I lived with for a short while when I left my husband in 1993. I was hoping to see Big Ed, who was my boyfriend, on and off, for at least 10 years. I did see his sponsor - he said Ed would be there today. It would be really good to see him. He is an AA legend in Denver and really a wonderful man... behind the Harley and the gruff exterior.

Oh, and as I was standing chatting with folks after the speaker meeting, a woman from work came by. We stood and pointed to each other with glee!!! We had no idea of our common bond, but we always knew we liked each other! Now I know why. It will be good for both of us to have a program friend at work. She has been on committees that I have chaired and I have always enjoyed working with her.

I will head back today, but I am not sure when. I am really tired this morning. I was up past midnight last night! That is crazy-past-my-bedtime. I still wake up early no matter how late I stay up, so I am off my game this morning. It is extremely dreary outside, so I am hoping to take a lovely nap after my run and some breakfast.

How is that for more than you ever needed to know about Mary Christine this fine Saturday Morning of Labor Day Weekend?

"AA is no success story in the ordinary sense of the word. It is a story of suffering transmuted, under grace, into spriritual progress." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 35


recoveryroad said...

Groovy - sound like you had a blast there.

I'd love to meet you folks (from our blog circle) some time.

Good for you.

*nicely jealous*

dAAve said...

46 degrees
46 degrees
46 degrees

I can't even imagine it.

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

It was great to run into you last night.

Oh, and dAAve, I am going camping this week, heading to Montana. Should be some brisk nights there.


Scott W said...

46 degrees, I am so jealous.

Gwen said...

That sounds soooo fab~U~LUS! It is really great to have a sober friend at work. That is how my Alirad and I met. Through work. She has a year more than I and I had a year of sobriety when we met. We have been friends ever since.

suekanemasu said...

Hi Mary,

I haven't visited your site for a long time. I too was at the state convention both Friday night and Saturday night. I think it has been so long since I've seen you that I may not have recognized you.

I no longer do AAS online. I am currently going to 90/90 after near relapse 2 weeks ago.

I would love to hook up with you at some meetings.

Sue K (Evergreen)