Thursday, September 21, 2006

The hope...

of another day. Another sober day. There is always hope as long as I don't take a drink of alcohol.

I am somewhat awestruck by some of my commenters lately. I mostly treat this blog like a bit of a lark, I just put something on it every day that is hopefully somewhat entertaining. I try to always make the connection between my every day life to the miracle of living sober. I have made the assumption (yeah, I know...) that my readership, however small, was mostly comprised of recovering alcoholics. However, I am finding that a fairly large percentage of my readers have gotten to my blog by searching "alcoholics anonymous," "how do I know if I am an alcoholic," "how to deal with an alcoholic mother/son/daughter/father," "will he get sober if I leave," etc.

Every time I get serious on my blog, I say - I am a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. By the Grace of God, I have been continuously sober since July 24, 1984. That gives me some experience, strength, and hope, which I wish to share with anyone who desires. However, it does not make me an expert on alcoholism, recovery from alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous, or anything else. I am a fully fallible human being, an alcoholic human being. I make plenty of mistakes, some of which can be seen here in my postings over the last year. I am honored that people actually read my blog because it is mostly all about me! me! me! I love to read the blogs of other recovering alcoholics. We are hugely entertaining people.

But I feel I must say that if you are trying to stop drinking, please give yourself a break and call Alcoholics Anonymous. Just about anywhere in the world, they will be listed in the telephone book. The top link on my sidebar is information about AA, you can click there and get information on how to contact AA. There are a couple of million of alcoholics who have gotten sober in AA and would love nothing more than to help others to recover.

Al-Anon helps people who are affected by an alcoholic (drunk or sober). It will not teach you how to sober that person up, it will help you to take care of yourself and find happiness regardless of another person's behavior.

Sorry to be so serious today. There are so many hurting people in the world, I wish they all could find the kind of contentment and peace of mind I have found in AA. Not that life is a picnic every day, there are still problems, but I don't have to react to things the way I once did. Today I actually have choices!

"So to you out there - who may soon be with us - we say "Good luck and God bless you!" -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 121



Thanks for sharing MC. Great post. I often wonder what people think when they come to my blog via a search on AA.
I see you,

Sober Chick said...

What a miracle here!

Shannon said...

I appriciate you putting that on your blog and understand why right on

on a personal note did you ever hear back from your son yet? you are in my thoughts have a great day

Rex said...

Thanks for that. Was just talking with someone about how many people out there want to change and want to get better but never quite find the gift we have been freely given. Maybe your "seriousness" todayy will lead another to that gift.

Anonymous said...

You know it's intersting MC..
in our circle of recovery bloggers I am the only co-dependent in recovery...not AA.I had my troubles with alcohol and drugs but my main illness was caretaking the addicts and alcholics.BUT.In each persons recovery,we all share unique experiences..that is why YOU offer alot for peolple inquiring about alcoholism.You share so much of your own sobriety here.I love it.
Blogging is truly an amazing way to connect with others ..from the heart.Thanks for sharing:)

lash505 said...

How do you know, pick up the first drink and see what happens. I believe it will be worse than the last.

BigSkymAAck said...

how right you are . Bloging is good and it just another tool we can use. But meetings and finding a home group and getting a sponsor , reading the big book that is the way to go.

Trudging said...

Interesting post! Have you heard from your son?

Michael said...

That is an excellent post, I think I seem to stray far away from my alcoholic history with my blog.
Perhaps I should try and keep it about my recovery and not about Work, Phones or Madonna

Christine said...

you are an inspiration, thanks for including Alanon in there--

I'm glad you caught your son's call--

Have a wonderful time with your Sister

Yup, like SC says--waht a miracle here!

Al-Anon Lifer said...

Hi - We've met. I decided to do my own blog. Hope to hear from you! :-)