Sunday, September 17, 2006

Today or Tomorrow

I should see the 10,000 hit mark on my humble little blog. I wish I could figure out who it is (and hope to God it isn't ME!) so I could send them a prize. Funny, huh?

Date was fine last night. It was my third date with this man. I am going to his house today to watch the Broncos game on his big screen TV. I am not all ga-ga over this guy like I was the last one. I do not know how to do this shit. We went to see the movie "Hollywoodland" which I absolutely LOVED. He didn't like it so much, but I sure did.

I am a little disgruntled this morning because I went out last night instead of going to church like I normally do... then I went to church this morning instead of the Sunday Morning meeting of my home group that is so important to me. I went to lots of meetings last week because I knew the weekend was going to be packed, but I miss my Sunday Morning meeting when I don't get there. When I got home from church I wanted to run outdoors - but decided not to because it is too cold and windy. I can run in the cold, but I just can't deal with the wind today.

My brother forwarded me an e-mail from my son. I read it to my daughter and was relieved that she had the same reaction I did... I thought I was being maybe a bit self-centered (who, me?) But she was also a little bit miffed that he wrote out a nice couple paragraph e-mail to his uncle, but sends us only a sentence or two. I told her he probably knows he can get away with that stuff with us - which, of course, he can. He sounds really good. He said he is doing well, is in nice facilities, has good food and is really busy flying which makes the time go by fast. That is music to a mother's ear. He also said Iraq isn't as much of a desert as he thought it would be - there are trees and a little bit of grass.

So I am grateful I have somewhere to go to watch the football game today. My son used to come over every Sunday and watch the game with me, and this is a challenging time for me. Thank God I don't have to sit here and plunge into despair.

"We never wanted to deal with the fact of suffering. Escape via the bottle was always our solution. Character-building through suffering might be all right for saints, but it certainly didn't appeal to us." -- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 74


BigSkymAAck said...

No one ever said we had to go gaga over anyone. That got me into a lot of trouble. I am happy for you that you have some place to go watch the game today. Enjoy your day.

lash505 said...

With legs like that wow that guy must be lucky. I don't like changes to my routine

sera said...

not being gaga is FAR better. in the beginning anyhow. gaga is a red flag. -in my books anyhow. its all good practice at getting out there, regardless of the outcome.

recoveryroad said...

Good luck with date 4??????

10,000 hits is a milestone, for sure.


I'm going to "keep coming" back to your blog.......hoping for 10,000.
I see you,


Decided to comment on each paragraph. The date thing. Been there done that. I too do not know how to do "this shit".
I see you again,


You already know how I feel about your physical ability to do just about everything....I'm jealous. Hey...did you see my cigarettes?
I see you still,


I'll come back and comment on the rest later. I need to drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, cuss, spend time with the children and play on the computer.
I see you,

Mary Christine said...

I smoked 2 packs a day of Kools for my first 7 years of sobriety. I think nicotene is a very good thing for recovering alcoholics. I know! Heresy!

Mary Christine said...

And I still owe you a birthday present JJ.

And thanks for not giving me fucking advice. I don't need it. Really.

We SHARE our experience strength and hope, we do not GIVE EACH OTHER ADVICE. Thank you.

I love you BLOGGERS.

sera said...

Now the F word? Ouch! What happened to 'live and let live'? I wasn't aware that any us spoke for aa as a whole..

Diego said...

MC glad to hear your son is okay....I hope you get to enjoy the game.....D


Hey MC - You know I love it when you fuck'n swear!
Onto paragraph #3 - I get all frazzled when my routine gets fucked up. You know like it is now going back to work - messing with my meeting schedule, sleeping, etc... here today. But not to worry it will be 60 by weeks end.
I see you,

sera said...

well i don't know about you, but this works for me..
Finally, we begin to see that all people, including ourselves, are to some extent emotionally ill as well as frequently wrong, and then we approach true tolerance and see what real love for our fellows actually means. It will become more and more evident as we go forward that it is pointless to become angry, or to get hurt by people who, like us, are suffering from the pains of growing up.

Gwen said...

Well since I was so focused on everything else in my world I missed all your date posts :(

I am going to have to play catch up.

I am glad your son is OK. That is ALWAYS a good thing.

I know what you mean about your meetings being off. I had to miss Friday AM because John had to leave the house by 6:30. I was really annoyed. How dare he go to work before the Queen gets her meeting?! (sick sick sick) ;D

I "accepted" and did the best I could. I am off to my 7AM now as soon as I finish my tea.

Have a great0 Monday!

Trudging said...

It must be hard having your son in Iraq.

Scott W said...

Glad your son is safe.

Rex said...

wow, lots of crazy people visiting your blog today.....who won the prizr ny the way?