Sunday, May 18, 2008


I had another fabuloso day.   It is so great to be sober.  It is so great to have sober friends.  It is so great to experience another sober spring - I love it when the windows get open until it is too hot - then the AC gets turned on.  I painted my toenails bright red this morning before I went to church.  It makes me feel festive each time I look down at them.

I talked with my sponsor on the phone for a long time today.  I wanted to tell her about the binoculars I just bought.  I traded in a Mother's Day present the kids got me for a pair of binoculars - for my trip to Alaska.  Then I had to take a walk down the street to where I can see to Red Rocks Amphitheater and beyond.  It is neat to see what is there that you usually cannot see.  I did see a runner off in the distance - on the road I used to run my 10 mile route - and I felt a pang of wanting to be out there.  Running.  

I'll be posting again in about 12 hours, so there is no use droning on now, is there?  


Pam said...

girl....I could give you some lessons in the many uses for binoculars! They REALLY help you get to know you neighbors better..just sayin'. Little buttermilk biscuit.

Syd said...

I used my binocs a lot. Yesterday, I watched aerobatics with them.