Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Morning

It is Wednesday Morning.  I have lived through Monday and Tuesday of this week.  There is nothing big at work so far this week.  I wish this something big would get over with.  We, as an organization, have been living with this constant dread since November of last year.   Government being involved in healthcare might sound like a good thing, but I don't think it is.... at all.

I am meeting my sponsee at our 6:30 meeting.  Then I will sit with her and hold her hand while she writes the fourth column of her fourth step.  This is something I would normally not do, so I am not real clear on why I am doing it now.  And actually, I will not be holding her hand, I will be knitting...

I better get on with it.  Take Care Everyone and Stay Sober Today.  


dAAve said...

I HATE the idea of our government (no matter who is in charge) running the healthcare system. Look how well they run everything else.

I notice you used many capital letters in your last sentence. I must analyze this.

Pam said...

Why in the world would you not want our healthcare system to run as well as the Post Office, or the Social Security Admin.????
Oh lordy, you should have heard the woman in charge of telling prospective Jurors important information. At one point...I swear she said "Don't worry, you don't have to know any REAL BIG words to be a Juror".
I'll be glad when your big thingy is over at work..little cinnamon bun.

Syd said...

I don't know how the health care system is going to be run but someone has to do something. If a person is without health care nowdays, it's a death sentence if a bad disease hits.

I'm glad that you're not holding hands with the sponsee. I can't be a father figure to mine. I'd rather just be a guide in a benevolent kind of way.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Wellllll, I will just keep the big
ole mouth shut. Good luck with you sponsee. My first fourth step was the hardest thing for me. But I got thorough it. Have a great day.

Banana Girl said...

In true sherpa like fashion, let the hand holding begin. I have a sponsee who would have benefitted greatly from just knowing that someone was there to possibly hold her hand if she chose so long as there was the agreement in the hand-hold that she would be thorough. She slid through. She thought that this was so easy that she started thinking she could take the whole program for granted. Guess what? Yep, SLIP!
Sobriety Lost Its Priority. God Bless You!