Friday, May 30, 2008


I love Fridays.  I slept in until 6 o'clock this morning, and then I stayed in bed another half hour after that!  I have lots to do today, but I am trying not to let it feel like pressure.  Two things that I have to do are things that I am greatly looking forward to.  Why don't I focus on that?  Why, I think I will!

  • My sponsor and her husband are going to be coming through town this evening.  I will get to have dinner with them.  There will likely be a group of us, and it should be great.  I haven't seen her since they were in town last July for my 23rd AA birthday.  
  • I am going to have my first physical therapy appointment at 11:15 today.  I hope, I pray, I hope it helps.  If it doesn't, I will not be able to run even a half-marathon in Anchorage.  If it helps, I should be able to pull 13.1 miles out of this old body in 3 weeks.
  • At work today I have no meetings to attend.  I might have one at 11, but I have to miss it because of my PT appointment.  Work has been so stressful for so long that I really appreciate days when I don't have so much to do, and when I don't have major stressful meetings or deadlines.
That's it!   I should have written last night.  I had many thoughts about chasing people around who don't want to be sober.  Or who want to play the "isolating" game.  Let me just say, if I want to isolate, no one will know about it.  Folks who go around telling everyone they are "isolating" definitely need some lessons on how to isolate.  Just sayin'....


dAAve said...

Good luck with the physical therapy and I know you'll really enjoy the dinner with the sponsor.
Enjoy the day!!!!

Zane-nawwaa said...

Enjoy the day. I hope you get to run, but if not, you'll still be in the beauty of ALASKA.

Scott W said...

I love this: I had many thoughts about chasing people around who don't want to be sober. But, can you elaborate on it?

shalom said...

i am a new comer to youe site. i liked your contents.keep in touch with me.
thank you..........


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