Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Is it Artificial?

A.A. International Convention 2010 - San Antonio, Texas

My excitement that is? Sometimes I have a way of purchasing things that "make me happy" when I am having a difficult time. Anyone who has read this for a while probably knows what I am talking about.

But I just registered for the Int'l Conv. in San Antonio next year! It was frustrating and frantic, but I did it! The frantic part was watching the hotel rooms suddenly being labeled as "sold out" as I was trying to figure out where I should stay. While I was deciding, the hotels within inches of the convention sold out, but I was able to grab a room a mile from the convention. And I am happy about that.

I have never been to an Int'l Convention.

In my first year of sobriety (1985), I was invited to go to Montreal with some friends, but didn't see any reason to go - so I didn't.

In my 6th year of sobriety (1990), I was on a some committee or another for the Seattle convention since I lived nearby, I had my name badge, etc....but I got stuck with my husband working in eastern Alberta - and didn't even get to go to the convention. It about broke my heart. (and when some Canadian chica in a meeting told me that it would be a good reason for me to "stay sober for another 5 years" I almost punched her in the mouth!)

In my 11th year of sobriety (1995), I swore I was going to go to San Diego, but I couldn't quite scrape together the money to go, so I didn't. My sponsor went and so did a bunch of my friends and I was sad that I missed it.

In my 16th year of sobriety (2000), I knew I could not go to the International Convention in Minneapolis because I had just finished my bachelor's degree and was starting on my master's. I didn't even consider it.

In my 21st year of sobriety (2005), I didn't go to Toronto, or even try. It was outside of my financial ability at that time. But my sponsor and her husband went and many of my friends did too, and I was sad that I missed it.

So, finally, I am going to get to go.

I will find out in another two days whether I have lost my job, so probably this was not the most prudent use of a credit card, but I don't care! So there!

See you in San Antonio!

(9/3/09 - I have just edited this post in hope that it no longer comes up when someone is googling the convention. It totally creeped me out today when I googled it and within the first couple of websites listed was mine.)


Kim A. said...

I think I need to splurge sometimes in order to help me get over a hump in the road. I just registered for an (unofficial) Alanon retreat. I am having to blow off Parent's Weekend at my son's college but he said it was okay since I have been to the first 4! It's when splurging is used as a means of denial that I have a problem. I am so happy for you.


Carverlane said...

We will be delighted to have you in San Antonio! I am a resident there and follow your blog (and some others). It would be fun to meet up somewhere.

Tall Kay said...

This will my 1st Int'l convention too. A good friend of mine was a speaker in Toronto, but I wasn't able to go. I am really excited too! Other than the system crashing, I think they did a good job with the on-line process. Glad you got a room...I hear the walking there is beautiful!

Steve E. said...
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Syd said...

Sounds great. Enjoy and maybe I'll decide to come too. It sounds like it will be inspiring.

Kathy Lynne said...

I hope to get to one sometime but it won't be 2010. Maybe I should start with the state conventions:0

It was enlightening to go back and read the "hate" AA posts.

Lou said...

I plan on being there, but it sounds like the rooms closest to the convention center are already sold out..darn.

Willa said...

Mary Christine, I'm going to the convention here for the third time in Westlake Village, September 11-13. I'm representing my home group with three other people in one of the marathon meetings. Our topic to speak about is "commitments."

Ed G. said...

We had similar frustrations - the site would not take my wife's card but it took mine - I can't help but feel that was deliberate but by next July I will be over it.

We have plane reservations to be there for the wrong time and no place to stay yet so there's still many exciting times ahead.

And, I'm excited - I've been to every one you mentioned except Montreal (I was just plane dry and dumb still) and have never regretted it - each one was a different, life-changing event on a different page of journey.

I wish you a wonderful time and blessings beyond belief!!!

Blessings and aloha...

dAAve said...

Yes, we will have a bloggers party.

Pam said...

Ok, I feel bad saying this..but somehow I was able to get the 3 nights at the closest hotel. They appeared and I grabbed them.
Mary you need something to look forward to and you have plenty of time to save a little here and a little there.

Scott said...

congrats on getting registered in year 26!

I too enjoy the "geeze I feel yucky, oh yay let's buy this" purchase lol

But, you've made a very healthy choice in this purchase!

Scott W said...

I will get there on the 2nd and leave on the 4th. I can't wait to say the serenity prayer with 50,000 other voices.