Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Morning

I woke up sober, and happy to be so.  I am heading out of here about an hour and a half later than usual - to go to a meeting with my most difficult people.  My boss is coming too.  We are having coffee after the meeting, and then I will go back to the difficult place.  I have a lunch date with a woman I have known for almost 18 years.  I will be happy to sit down and share a meal with her.

Tonight I MUST get on my bike, ride many miles, and then get off it and run more miles.  I have a triathlon in less than four weeks  and my training has been virtually non-existent.  It will be painful.  I tried to get out of it, but was reminded that I talked my friend into registering with me and she will not let me off the hook.  OK.  I will do my best and live with the results - which may involve me being told I have not met the timeframes for the course and not being allowed to finish.  I have finished races last - and have come to accept that - but I have never been told I can't finish.  Some people think I am just being dramatic (such as my friend I talked into doing this race), but I have been in races with someone on a bicycle behind me, making sure I am going to finish by the deadline.  It is not pleasant.

In January 2012, I left my job of many years and set out on a new adventure.  I had no idea it was going to change every single aspect of my life.  But it has.  I think it is good to shake it up as you age because living by habit is not good for an old brain.  My poor brain is tired now, but it is getting plenty of exercise (unlike my body) and I think it is good for me.

I have a sponsee who has just started a new job and when she whines to me now, I tell her MY similar stories.  Oh what fun!

Going out into the world again today with nothing but faith.  If I had no faith, I could not leave this house.  It is terrifying out there!


Annette said...

***If I had no faith, I could not leave this house. It is terrifying out there! ***

Loved this....so true!

Talk about someone willing and not afraid to leave their comfort zone and push through....YOU are inspiring!!! In so many ways. As a sober alcoholic, as an athlete, as a mother, as an "older" woman who was willing to change jobs at the time most are retiring and plunge your way into the unknown with people you don't know and figure out and do your best. Sometimes I read and I think about what you write and I wonder if I could do the same at the age of 47. I don't know... Thanks for sharing your journey Mary.

Anonymous said...

My brain is tired too! I love you Mary!

Syd said...

I know that you have the determination to finish. I have found it good to challenge myself with all kinds of things. And I'm doing it now more than ever.

Anonymous said...

This was funny. I hope that was your intent!

Big life changes are wonderful. God's way of pushing us to experience the sensations of His world. Most of us don't want to go willingly..;)

dAAve said...

The noon meeting today was about Courage.
I see it everywhere.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love that you continue to reflect grace in the face of stressful and changing circumstances!

It helps to provide strength for the trudge :)


Anonymous said...

good luck and what the heck is this verification symbols about. It would take a sargent in the local police a year to figure out the letters.

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