Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Fragrant Cloud

It is hard to believe that this little dark red rosebud is soon to be a bright orange rose called Fragrant Cloud.  It is named that for a wonderful reason - it is really really strongly fragrant.  This is along the walkway to my front door, I love that visitors get to have a whiff of rose as they walk to my door.

Yesterday I was feeling ambitious about writing about my ponderings and observations about alcoholism. I didn't have to be anywhere until 8:30 yesterday.  Today is another thing entirely.  I have to be out of here in just over an hour, so I have no time to write this thing I intend to write.  I will try to do it tonight.

I will likely change my header and maybe my blog name - again.  I intend to express some opinions and with the header "I am a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous," I probably shouldn't do that.  I had a blog name I really liked at one time - "One Sober Alcoholic"  but someone came along and called himself something so similar that it confused me and everyone else so I changed the name to "Being Sober."  Well, all I ever wanted this blog to be is a daily writing by someone who is just One Sober Alcoholic.  Just one.  Not speaking for Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole.  But writing as one who has been blessed to be able to come to AA and get sober and stay that way.

But it's going to be a 12 hour work day, so I might not get to it tonight.  I have yet more problems at work.  I am telling you, this is hard on a person.

Yesterday I went to visit someone at my former workplace.  He is facing an unwelcome retirement.  He is my age and is dreading retirement.  I talked about how good it is for people of "our age" to step out of our comfort zones and do something different.  I told him how I left my comfort there and stepped out and am now mostly uncomfortable.  He laughed, but he knew what I meant.  I am so grateful I got the guts up to go visit him.  We had a love/hate relationship over the years - but the truth is, we HAD a relationship for over 17 years and I need to honor that.

OK, gots to go!  Say a quick prayer for your friend Mary Christine if you can.  Whatever is going on today, I have a new green jacket to wear and that can make a day pretty good!

Thanks to God.


Syd said...

You are a sober being. Thanks for the friendship too. Have a good day with the green jacket. It's like winning the Master's.

Mary Christine said...

Funny Syd. I thought of that too. I think it is just about the same color!

Anonymous said...

I start "series" all the time, and then run out of steam..or I'm just not in the mood. You have to be in the mood to write, that's all there is to it.

Why change the blog name? It's a big hassle, and another thing on your plate. You could do a disclaimer statement. That's my opinion.

Mary LA said...

Fragrant Cloud is a wonderful name for a rose.

I always hope readers understand I cannot speak for AA, that I have no mandate to speak on behalf of AA. Just my ordinary experience, strength and hope.

dAAve said...

I'll keep you on my mind today. That is often the case, however.

Annette said...

Is that the same rose from yesterday? Maybe we can watch it's transformation with you! I love the thought of "a whiff of rose" on the way to the front door.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on AA. I hope you have a beautiful day in your new green jacket. : )

Have Myelin? said...

I like your blog name. =)

A nice treat for your guests - an outdoor rose bouquet for them to admire before arriving at your door!

April said...

I can't wait to see your rose once it is bloomed! My rose bushes are gorgeous this year - they smell so good! :)

SoberMomRocks said...

I have a friend who, when she becomes overwhelmed, always says, "I'm just one woman in the Universe."

You could be "just one sober alcoholic in the Universe."