Wednesday, May 02, 2012

May Two

Right now I am sick to death of writing about alcoholism and AA.  I got a ridiculous comment on one of my old posts from some old guy who thinks he is the world's expert on AA, of course he needed to correct me about what I wrote about AA traditions.  With a link to his website where he SELLS books he wrote about AA.  Awesome.  He has come along every couple of months for the last 6.5 years, but yesterday it just really irritated me.  He boasts to me about his 26 years of continuous sobriety, as if that would end every argument - in his favor.  Well, if you want to play that way.... just sayin'.

Yesterday all of the buses were delayed by protests blocking city streets.  There was a large contingent of a union marching down the street.  And then the occupiers are staring to occupy a different park since they have been thrown out of the park they occupied last summer.   They were having a sleep-in on the street last night, so it should be an interesting commute today.

Today will be an 11 hour work day.   Yikes.  I think I am actually getting used to the pace and the intensity of the job.  I did my monthly product without wanting to kill myself this month.  Believe me, this is a huge leap forward.  I guess I shouldn't speak so soon, because it goes out for corrections today, and I will start on the corrections tomorrow.  Hopefully there will not be many.

I have an update on the woman I have been sponsoring and having such difficulty with.  She is normally hysterical, upset, and a little bit paranoid.   Last night she called from her mother's hospital room.  She told me her brother is going to prison.  She needs to repo a car from her sister-in-law, etc., etc., etc.  But after a minute or so, I realized that she sounded calm and composed.  I understand.  I wonder if it is an alcoholic trait to handle the bad times better than the good times.  I used to be this way.  I don't think I am anymore.  But I was always grateful that I didn't fall apart when I REALLY needed to be together.  I think she shares this trait.  And I am so grateful she can be there for her mother.  I am also grateful that I didn't fire her when I wanted to. I prayed about it and every time, I felt I was being led to hang in there with her.

So, that's it from me.

I am planning on staying sober today, with God's help, and I hope you do too!


Mama Westray said...

Good to meet you Mary Christine, I can so identify with your decision about your sponsee, I be my sponsor wanted to remove me from her list many times, I was always throwing in the "yes but" comment, because of course I knew all there was to know about everything. She, bless her, had a sense of humour and had managed the art of patience and tolerance, so she walked with me for many a mile and for that I am forever grateful. Have a great sober day, god bless, Dee

Mama Westray said...

And I see you are 1 year and 1 day older than me in sobriety time, my birthday is 25th July 1985. Dee

Mary Christine said...

Hi Dee,
Nice to meet you! Your sobriety date is the day I celebrated my 1st birthday at a huge meeting. I'll never forget that day - and neither will you! We are practically twins!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Those Little Demons of Fear and Doubt can work on one's Mind. We have to have Faith in Ourselves and then can help Others in their Travails. That is a WIN-Win situation for Everyone. Pax Nobiscum.

Syd said...

MC, you survived a lot yesterday. I know that today will be even better.

dAAve said...

Did you know that you and Pammie have the same sponsee?

Have Myelin? said...

Alex has been sober over 21 years and I never hear him talk about continuous sobriety. He never speaks of it.

Today's a better day for you, I hope.

Furtheron said...

So with you on the handling bad stuff better than good - when it is good I have to sabotage it to make it bad as I either don't deserve it or it'll all turn to s*** sooner or later might as well help it on it's way now and be in control of it.

Funny how someone wants to sell books about AA - AA has all the books it needs. Where is the "giving it away to keep it" part in that

I have comment approval on mine - I don't often have to use it but you get the odd loon along now and then. My blog, my space, my home, my rules, I don't have to publish or acknowledge your stuff... they soon go when you remove their oxygen

Pammie said...

LOL Dave!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I know the feeling about wanting to quit things that I don't like, I mean fire things that aren't working, oh whatever :oP When I pray I realize I am - for some odd reason - meant to stick it out a while... more to learn about Grace and love I suppose. :)

I'm grateful today for that. I'm grateful that as I pray I find the Love and Grace too! :)