Monday, May 14, 2012

The Road

They say the road gets narrower as you go along in recovery.  I believe that.  I think people make the mistake of thinking the road gets broader, that the longer you stay sober, the more you can "get away" with.  I feel that at this point I can get away with nothing.  I pay dearly for any deviation from the straight and narrow - any dishonesty, any malice, you get the idea.  So far, I have never paid the price of a drink.  I pray I never do.

I am going back into the dragon's den this morning (funny - that's the name of a local AA club).  I have a presentation to make this afternoon.  I have not yet even planned it.  I thought I would do that this weekend, but this weekend I enjoyed my days off instead.  I'll figure it out today.

That's all.  I am just going to work.  Just riding on the bus.  Just living.

Another blessed sober day.  I will endeavor to show my gratitude to God by making the best of it.

I hope you all do too.


Syd said...

That looks like a pretty good road to me.

Annette said...

Anytime we think we have to "get away" with something...I think we are headed for trouble. Maybe not always the get arrested, wreck the car, OMG look what I did kind of trouble....but the not being true to ourselves and fellow humans kind of trouble, which eats away at our hearts and ushers us into hiding more and more. The not living a honest, real and authentic life kind of a trouble.

Loved this Mary. Good luck on the presentation.

Mary LA said...

I like the idea of an AA meeting called the dragon's den. I'd love to hear you speak.

Pammie said...

The road starts to feel like balance beam size doesn't it?
Nothing solves the inside problems anymore but God.
Sometimes I try with oreos and milk, but it's always a mistake ;-)