Friday, August 24, 2007

Best and Worst

Yesterday was a best and a worst day. I will focus on the "best" part, but I had to write about the "worst" part last night. I do a written 10th step every night and usually there aren't too many problems. Yesterday was a bad day at work and I got very angry. I closed my office door, slammed my water bottle on my desk, called someone (who wasn't there) a name, and generally was awful. Today I will put in my application for another job. I have had the same employer for 13 years, and it was my intention to retire from there, but it doesn't feel very good right now. So I will do my best on my resume and application, and the rest is out of my hands. Today I will put a smile on my face and be as pleasant as I can and ask God to help me. I certainly cannot do this on my own.

The "best" part? After work, I took my oldest granddaughter shopping for school clothes. She put her hand in mine as we walked around the mall. She confided in me, "girls like going to the mall." She also told me confidently that shopping was exercise. I could not resist purchasing her the above pink Puma shoes. They are so freaking cute. I took the picture while we were eating at the food court at the mall -- something I have not done in probably 15 years? It is something I would normally consider pretty disgusting, but with this beautiful child with me, I found it to be wonderful! Maybe I can pretend she is with me at work today!

Tonight I will get to go to the 5:30 meeting after work. My meeting schedule has been all messed up with all the excitement of my son's homecoming.

"I try to hold fast to the truth that a full and thankful heart cannot entertain great conceits. When brimming with gratitude, one's heartbeat must surely result in outgoing love, the finest emotion that we can ever know." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 37


Scott W said...

Not leaving an employer in a timely fashion has created many a resentment. It was such a relief to leave my last employer.

Pam said...

oh sorry that things are bad at work, however "aweful" is a great catylist for change.
I think I'll shop at lunch today, and call it excersise!

Shannon said...

I think we can all understand and relate what it is like to have an employer that makes us resentful. I had a supervisor with the company I am with now (when I first stared) and I HATED her, OMG it sounds so silly now. I tried to apply for other jobs, and I didnt get to go... but it wasnt all bad. She actually left fairly shortly after I started hating it. My workplace got better and still is today. My point is and I know you know because you said you are appling and putting out your resume and the rest is out of your hands.. God will see to it you are taken care of.
Sending you good thoughts and a happy Friday... just think the next 2 days you dont have to be there!

Scott said...

well, I'd say that the best aprt outweighs the worst part... and I will keep you in my prayers on the employer stuff, ugh no fun!

Christine said...

granddaughters love is the best---how wonderful to have her hand in yours

Good luck job hunting--