Friday, August 17, 2007


Today may (or may not be) homecoming day for my son. My daughter and I drove down to Colorado Springs to have dinner with him last night. He talked a lot about what it was like to be in Iraq. I was so relieved to hear him talk of his experiences because I think that is very very healthy.

So last night I got 5 hours of sleep. I got up this morning and made up the beds and straighted up a bit. I am going to go out for a run. I haven't run since Tuesday. I haven't been to a meeting since Tuesday. I feel like I am about to drop dead I am so tired. I actually resorted to drinking caffeinated beverages yesterday.

If you have read this blog for a while, you know that I call myself high-maintenance. Not because of the need for fast cars or jewels, but for the need for good food, lots of rest, lots of quiet, lots of prayer, lots of meetings, lots of exercise, and a bit of social time. I am so off-track with this stuff right now, and I am really feeling it. I took Tuesday off and laid about in bed and slept a lot and got 10 hours of sleep that night! But I was still dead on my feet on Wednesday. Which tells me that I need to just push through and keep doing what I know I am supposed to be doing. Like going to work, etc.

So I will get out and take a nice run now and then go to work. Have a great sober Friday everyone.

"We ask simply that throughout the day God place in us the best understanding of His will that we can have for that day, and that we be given the grace by which we may carry it out." -- Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 102


Scott W said...

I am grateful to receive the grace to carry out a sober Friday.

I love hearing stories about your being with your son. How incredible that must be, to sit there and stare at his face and be so grateful he is safe at home.

dAAve said...

In a couple of days all will be back to whatever is considered normal.
If your son comes home today or tomorrow, all bets are off. You'll be exhausted, but in a very very good way.

Syd said...

I am hoping for a happy homecoming for your son and you. Your body is just telling you to slow down. Listen to it.

Christine said...

hope you enjoy the run and rest

lushgurl said...

I like being healthy enough to know that when I am doing stuff that isn't good for me, I don't feel good- and then I stop!
Best wishes to your son, enjoy your reunion!
...and a happy, sober and wonderful Friday to you, love ya!

Shannon said...

It sounds like you are taking care of yourself. I am glad you and your daughter got to talk to your son last night, and Happy Friday
and get some rest... I know duh... LOL

The Maven said...

You also have a wonderful sober day :)

I like how you refer to yourself as high-maintenance. I've been contemplating my need for more rest, more me-time, more quiet as of late. with three young boys in the house this is a bit of a challenge, though! Still, I'm worth it.

Going to my homegroup meeting tonight. I can't wait!

recoveryroad said...

If you're high maintenance, I'd like to meet a simialrly "high maintenance" woman this side of the pond! You ain't HM, lady!


Hope the home coming rocks.

Anonymous said...

holy cow! what a week. what a blessing to talk to your son. thanks for sharing this with us - its fantastic following this with you

take care and God bless ya :)

Pam said...

Hello butter-bean. I say...just do the best you can today to get to "normal". When you see your son again, you'll be energized. Your body is taking what it needs right now.
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weird huh?