Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Monday

This is really a terrible picture of my son. But I love it. Because he has been awake at that point for 50 hours, but he is home. He is in the United States of America. In Colorado. And although WE were complaining about the heat in the auditorium, HE has been in 150 degree temperatures for the last year and he thought it was downright pleasant! I not only saw my son last night (Praise God!!!!) but I saw him "in his element." I would never suggest to him now that he leave the military. I saw the way he interacted with the men with whom he has lived and worked for the last year and I could see that something very special is there.

I cannot even begin to describe the moments of waiting for him, it was much like being in labor again. The ceremony was delayed 2 hours, the auditorium was oppressively hot and crowded with other expectant humans. But when they finally marched in, it was unbelievable. The crowd roared. I did too. I thought I would cry, but I was just so happy and so proud. In fact, I have a sore throat this morning... I think I might have roared a bit too much!

We got to visit a bit. He was extremely tired and it was WAY past my bedtime. There will be another ceremony next Sunday. I told him that I would stay home so his dad and step-mom wouldn't be uncomfortable (she won't go anywhere near me.) My wonderful son said "She can get over it, it is not her event, it is mine, and I have just invited you." So I will be there. Damn straight I will be there.

I think I could write a book about what it was like to be there last night. But then I would be really, really late for work! I am thrilled that my son looks healthy and happy. I am incredibly proud of him. I am intensely relieved that he is home. I am grateful I live in a country with an all volunteer military, and they are some pretty impressive people! I am grateful that I am a sober mother, and my son actually wants to see me and introduce me to his friends and wants me to be present at the important events of his life. Thanks be to God.

"Now there is a sense of belonging, of being wanted and needed and loved. In return for a bottle and a hangover, we have been given the Keys of the Kingdom." -- Alcoholics Anonymous (3rd ed.) p. 312


Scott W said...

There is something in that expression that looks just like you. It's beautiful! What an incredible high that must have been!

Dave and I were talking about you yesterday afternoon and thinking of you reuniting with the son. We were thinking about someone other than ourselves! Miraculous stuff.

I doubt you could roar too much, after all you are WOMAN!

Pam said...

oh darlin' !!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been so excited for you!
I know your heart must feel like it's whole this morning.

LOL on Scotts last line :)

Shannon said...

first, I agree with Scott- your son looks just like you! and WOW, I am overwhelmed with happiness for you and him. Thank you for sharing this with us MC! I am glad you roared too much, I bet you are still smiling this morning!
Have a great day!

dAAve said...

I am literally wiping a tear from my eye.
Thanks for the reminders of how great our men in uniform are. We all take so much for granted. These guys are the protectors of our freedoms and we need to give back to them any way we can.

Christine said...

tears of joy here to join you
what a blessing! And oh he's gorgeous

Tab said...

{{MC}} I just cannot imagine what this has been like for you as a Mother..I too have tears in my eyes.Thank you for sharing such a touching and personal post..Tab xo

sober Chick said...

I trust the military is like the fellowship -- bonding together, supporting one another and being enriched by the presence of brother/sisterhood. What results is this amazing passion to live life.

150 degrees??!!?? Was he on the sun, geez, ouch!

Most excited for you and your son right now. Makes me smile.

Trudging said...

I don't know that I ever cried over a Blog post before, but I am now. I am happy for you all.

Meg Moran said...

your post is one of my favorites ever..what a dear son,what a dear mother, what a wonderful experience to show up and roar for joy!!

Gwen said...

My heart is warm for you. I love your sons response to you saying you would stay home. What a love. Nobody can come between a son and his Mom :) I am happy for you. I am proud to have read this and know a little more about someone who is serving this country.

Luv Ya MC~

Scott said...

oh man, I am just sooo glad he is home safely, and that you go to see him in his element... that ceremony would've had me in tears for sure.... wow!!

thakns for sharing this with us MC!
as always, my family thanks you and your for your service and sacrifice...