Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Morning

It's beautiful and quiet and my son is downstairs sleeping. I just took a nice 5 mile run in the cool morning air. It is good. I woke up feeling energetic this morning which was wonderful. It is the way I am used to feeling.

Life feels like a wonderful thing this morning. I think I am going to enjoy it.

Have a great sober day everyone.

"May God bless you and keep you..." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 164


Syd said...

It sounds as if you are having a great day--very peaceful and filled with happiness. I'm glad for that.

Scott said...

so glad you're feeling better... and how many times were you tempted to walk by and check on him, maybe tousle his hair while he slept?

Scott W said...

Since you are I think I will too. Have a good sober day, that is. Not the running thing. Oy!

Pam said...

Damn, that sounded good that your son was downstairs asleep :)
Glad you are feeling better today.

sober Chick said...

Muah! You sound so light.