Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I got nothing

I just can't think of one single thing to write this morning.  

I am going for my treadmill test this morning.  I am looking forward to it.

Then I will go to work.

Then I get to watch American Idol tonight.

I will keep all of you Houstonians in my prayers, that weather sounds scary.

I am grateful for lots, even though there is not lots to write.


Steve E. said...

"I just can't think of one single thing to write this morning."

I have days like that--they usually begin EVERY morning!

Steve E. said...

My computer is in room next to TV. When I hear an outstanding voice on AMER IDOL, I run into the next room to watch for a minute...and they had lots of "winners" on this year it seems.

But as in running, there is only one who crosses the Finish Line FIRST!

raino said...

having not much to say is OKAY. its that dreaded silence eh.

dAAve said...

The weather is not THAT bad here; we've seen much, much worse.
You don't always have to write a lot. Lord knows, I often don't.

Kathy Lynne said...

i know the feeling....be well..

Pam said...

You are probably the only person I know who is happy to get on a treadmill!
Maybe we've reached the end of our brains.

Scott W said...

It's bright and sunshiny out there right now. We appreciate the prayers anyway.

Prayer Girl said...

My mind is often blank as far as "blog themes" go. I have to wait till something "comes".

I'm looking forward to American Idol too. I got hooked about 3 or so years ago and find it entertaining. Mindless enjoyment is good for my mind that is too often in overdrive.

Good luck on your treadmill test.
Prayer Girl