Thursday, April 02, 2009


One of my favorite non-recovery oriented bloggers is marrying one of her commenters!  People are aghast!  They have only met a few times, but claim to be "in love" and are getting married.    I think that sounds very silly unless you are a true blogger.  

I have "met" several bloggers - and have not had one surprise.  If you read what a person writes every single day, you get a pretty good idea of what that person is all about.  

I went to Galveston, Texas in 2007 for my nephew's wedding.  Well, as soon as I realized that I would be in the Great State of Texas, I knew I HAD to meet some of the bloggers from that Mecca of Sobriety Bloggers.  

I have several quirks about me (I know this is not surprising, but I say it anyway), one of the quirks is that I do not let anyone drive me to the airport when I need to catch a flight.  I also do not go anywhere I do not have the ability to leave - in my own car.  So, my dear friend Daave suggested that I take my rental car to Houston and drop it off, and he would pick me up and drive me around for a day or two and make sure I got to the airport in time.  I actually did that!  
I had never "met" Daave, but I absolutely trusted that he would do just what he said and there would be no problems with that.  I met Daave, face to face, at the rental car return at IAH in Houston.  What a lovely moment that was!  And then we drove away.  

I got to spend some more time with Daave, Scott, and Pammie (and too many other bloggers to mention) in November of last year.  When I get together with them, it is like seeing my long lost best friends.  I just dearly love these people.  

So, although I think it sounds strange to say you know these folks, it is my experience that if someone takes the time to post something every day and you take the time to read it, you get a pretty good picture of a human being.

Thanks for being my friends.


Scott W said...

We love meeting bloggers. We love it when you come to Houston and we can be there, face-to-face. Maybe Houston can have the first Recovery Blog Round Up!

Steve E. said...

Oh, and Mary--thanks for being my friend also. And yes, I now KNOW that I 'know' a whole bunch of bloggers. And how wonderful that is!

Ed G. said...

Mary as someone who's new (<~2 months)to blogging, I appreciate your experience.

Trailboss said...

I have to agree with every word there. And I can vouch for Scott, that's for sure! He's a good one.

Mary Christine said...

I think we should definitely do something at the International in San Antonio.

Syd said...

I've not met any of you but feel connected too. It's like a more sophisticated form of...ugh...text messaging.

Steve E. said...

(Using Mary's 'comment' space--God, forgive me -grin!)

Scott W, can an old f*rt from Naples come? Nothing I'd like better!

At the International--how about in the morning--the first day?

(See how I'm so laid back, ho-hum, etc? "Live and Let Live", and all that 'cult' rot? -grin! (any new members reading?--just joking!!!)

Hope said...

Even though I live far away there is talk about a plane being chartered to the International in San Antonio. So it's possible I could meet y'all (practicing my southern drawl.)

A. Miles said...

Hear, hear.
I can also testify to the inverse. I've known people in my immediate vicinity far less than my blogging friends--because we weren't as open with one another--and lasting friendship requires that!
I can't go back now.....

pat said...

Great post.