Friday, April 03, 2009

Winter Storm Warning


I am having a function for my group tomorrow night.  It is supposed to snow like heck tomorrow.  I may be having this function by myself.  I will eat well if that is the case!  I need to go forward with all my preparations today because:
1.  The storm may never happen
2. It may be much less than predicted
3. People may drive through the snow to get here - and there better be food!

My daughter is coming over today and spending the weekend.  That will be nice.

I am heading out of here now to go to a meeting and then to church.

Did I fail to mention that I took a day of vacation today?  Yes, I am not working.  How wonderful is that?!  Very.  I took yesterday afternoon off as well.  I spent that time shopping and painting the door to my upstairs bathroom.  I really know how to live!

It is my plan to stay sober today, no matter what else happens.  I hope I have lots of company.


Syd said...

Spring snow is interesting. I hope that all goes as planned for you today. Have a good day relaxing and enjoying this day.

Scott W said...

We had tropical storm level winds yesterday, but no snow. Have a great sober day today!

dAAve said...

Sounds great! I'm glad you're taking a little time away from work.

Trailboss said...

No snow here either, thank goodness. Texas keeps sending their leftover rain my way....UGH!

Steve E. said...

Snow on Palm Sunday? Wow! If the snow comes, I hope the people arrive with it to make your party a real happy occasion--break out the floor mattresses!

At any rate, have a great weekend, Mary, and your daughter also.

Ed G. said...

Blessings on your day and preparations for your gathering. I love having AA functions at our house.

Steve E. said...

Well Mary, we are in Tampa FL, and I can 'see' the winter storm heading your way, no stopping it now. Sorry. "Not God"...

We pray that people traveling out there tomorrow stay safe--and of course, sober!