Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fellowship and Food

The innards of the Mixed Berry Pie

The finished product

A piece or two was left - for a minute or two.  My friend took this photo on his iPhone.

It was nice to be at night watch tonight.  I got to talk with a man who has been coming around for probably 3 or 4 months and never talks in meetings.  It was nice to chat with him for a minute.  I love it when I get to talk with people from the fellowship that otherwise I would never get a chance to talk with.  It almost invariably changes my perception of that person.  

I slept almost all afternoon today.  I must have needed it, but I found it slightly disconcerting to wake up in the middle of the afternoon after having slept for 3 hours.  

It is now time to go to bed because tomorrow I will get up super early tomorrow and go to church.  I am looking forward to this.  

I am grateful that going to bed (alone) at 9 p.m. on a Saturday night seems like a good thing.  Age really is good for some things.  


Mike Golch said...

yummy looking pie,have a restful sleep my friend.

dAAve said...

That pie looks yummmmmmmmmy!!
Yeah, age seems to change my perspective on so many fronts.
I bet your day goes really groovy.

Syd said...

Great looking pie. I like going to bed and snuggling. Just a good feeling.

Ed G. said...

Glad you're getting some rest and good times...

Scott W said...

I could have the ice cream and the crust. Can't have anything with seeds. :-(

Mary Christine said...


We didn't have ice cream, so Scott, you would have just had crust.

Steve E. said...

Went to bed. OK! Alone? Say wha??? I didn't need to know that--or maybe I DID -grin!

Keep us posted on this, Mary.

Luv ya,

Steve E. said...

Hope ya get another one out before, not a pie, although that'd be good also.

No seeds though, because when I eat seeds, they grow. My stomach has a patch of asparagus growing right now, "Urp!"...

(Just wanted to add a comment, since I've been missing a few lately.)